Wednesday, January 19, 2011

American Goetia Development

I didn't expect to be posting tonight when I sent that short little update earlier.

Tonight, a friend texted me out of the blue wanting to learn more about my American Goetia theories and work. Of all my magickal friends, this is one towards the bottom of the list as far as me thinking s/he would be interested in this sort of work.

Perhaps not so coincidentally, I felt the pull into my temple space tonight. I received a brief communique that told me what spirit to call first, a bit out the personal precautions necessary, and a little tech. Orobas also told me that the spirits I would call in this manner would be much more powerful than he. He seemed to be stressing that fact about this first one.

Orobas was a little firm in his instructions. I had a little chat reminding him of who reports to who and gave him instructions on permissible ways to continue this dialogue. I told him that in no uncertain terms was I going to allow him to lead me down some path that switched our roles. Hopefully, that will be the last time for that nonsense.

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