Monday, January 24, 2011

Time with the Mentor

Wow, it has been a roller coaster couple of weeks, I simply do not have time to catalog all the events. So, I will start with this weekend.

I had a chance to hang with my mentor this weekend. We has a chance to talk like we haven't in years. It reminded me of old times when I needed his counseling sessions to get through the work. This time, it was much more of a conversation, friend/professor to grad student. Most of that talk isn't germane to this space.

The American Goetia did come up. I trust this man. I don't take his advise 100% but always consider it. He's been right far more than wrong. Had he warned me off, I would really have considered putting the project on hold. He didn't warn me off. Instead, I found encouragement.

He also left me with some of his old rituals he did with his mentor. I don't know if I will simply read them, study them or perform them. What matters at the moment is that they are part of my magickal heritage and I will cherish them for that reason. Receiving those was really really cool.

Upcoming Magick

I have lots of magick planned.

1.   Talks with Orobas about the American Goetia
2.   Walking the path of Peh and Samekh
3.   Rewalking all the paths below that.
4.   Doing some magick on the path of Resh for observational/intuitional skills
5.   Working with my partner with HD and Hermes
6.   Introducing a friend to our HD work

For those of you unaware, the Hebrew letters are linked with Tarot cards as follows. Peh/Tower; Samekh/Temperence; Resh/Sun.  Speaking of which, I've avoided speaking of the tarot as there are a million and one folks out there doing that. Readers, would you be interested in reading about that sort of thing ie philosophy, patterns and magickal uses?

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