Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Quick Notes

American Goetia

Had a quick chat with Orobas. I recieved the name of the first spirit to be called and some tech.


I've been in a lot of contact lately. It is in the form of sensation. I can only describe  this as 'warm fuzzies' when I have the right idea and an 'absence of fuzzies' when my thoughts are off base. There is no questioning the source of these sensations.

Wow a Nice Recommendation!

The following unsolicited item was posted on Facebook regarding my tarot skills.

Hey everyone look what I found!!! I know this guy personally and have been impressed with is tarot work for a long time. To be honest he is one of the best readers I have ever met. So check out his musings on the subject, I think you will find it interesting. -- Bert Hansen (aka Vicar Bert)

The first entry, So Let's Talk About the Devil, stems from my recent work with the Devil card. It is a good example of where I plan to take this new blog. So, if you have even a vague interest, read this first entry and see if you'd like to follow.

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