Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Since just prior to Christmas, I have noticed myself recycling old issues. Aside from once, where I brought something up, others are bringing them to me out of left field.  These are life issues from prior to my involvement in organized occult activities as well as after.

I am also amazed how I can travel to and from my inner dark, inner corrupt and inner (w)holy places so quickly of late. Frankly, only the middle one bothers me at all.

The fallout from the Death workings seems to be happening in various phases. This is as intended. I expect to walk the path of Devil card next. 


PhoenixAngel said...

whats the difference between inner dark and inner corrupt?

Robert said...

These are my own definitions of myself. Inner dark is the suppressed stuff of the mind. The things we are that we dont want to admit or the things we do we may not want the world to know about or darker aspects of magick, curses and the like. Inner corrupt are things that are broken, out of proportion or damaging to self or others.