Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Personal Clarification

For those of you that asked via back channels, I am still working on the What I learned in 2010 post. One of the things I learned about this blog is that I sometimes don't emphasis things at the time that likely should be. I am working to rectify that.

Last night, I moved from the lowest part of the path of the Devil to a much higher level. This is not from Hod to Tipereth. This was vertical as in rising in the planes. There are three significant factors here:

  • The astral forms I encountered at the higher planes were solid. They had weight. They were tangible. These perceptions were very new to me.
  • I was shown three levels of the sphere of Tipereth. These were very distinct. I used to think of these levels as more theoretical than actual. They are more real to me now. Also, what I did not record last night was the realm of the choir grew to huge proportions. In asking about that I was told the job of the choir was to make things manifest. Their size indicated their ability to find the path for the magick to take. I have called this path the weakest link (which could actually be a strong point) in the past. This makes me feel that working with choirs is much more important than I previously thought.
  • Orobas went with me on part of this journey. The god I was with literally called him forth to follow. Mentions of the American Goetia were made but nothing came of it. 
Another thing may be significant. At the height of my journey, I kept being told that I had to get rid of things that interfered with my ability to properly perceive and advance upon the path. I continually stated I was willing to do so. In fervant prayer I asked for these things to go. I know some of them. I also know others are much more subtle. I have no idea what I have to let go but I am willing.

Or so I thought, today I woke to horrible back pain. Is there a link there? Is part of me holding on to something so tight it messes with my back issues? I have no clue really but I thought it worth recording that a journey so strong as to make astral beings feel so physical could have resulted in my physical issue flaring up. I just don't know.

I will say that I greatly enjoy being so astral as feel astral bodies as physical. To some that may indicate that i was on the lowest levels of astral. I don't know. I make no claims to anything higher. That said, adding not only a sense of touch but density (weight) to my astral perceptions seems to be an increase in skill level or perceptual ability.

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