Saturday, July 10, 2010

Partner -- Possible Slow Down -- Name


I have had more than a few people inquire as to the nature of my relationship with my HD partner. We are not romantically involved.

Slow Down

I has occurred to me that I spend more time writing this blog than in meditation, ritual work and study. I am going to see if I have the discipline to go back to the point of this blog which is actually doing this stuff. Writing about it should be secondary.


I get a lot of grief over the name Fr. POS, which means Learn, Do, Serve. Unfortunately, it has a negative connotation many feel uncomfortable using. I've kept the name because to me that uncomfortable connotation is amusing, as I didn't think of it when selecting the name as well as humbling, and we all know Leo' can use a lot of humble.

However, after some consideration, I am disposing of that moniker. Frankly, I've been tired of on-line names for some time now.  I'd rather go by the name I was given. The blog info pages will be changed to my given name, Robert.


Jack Faust said...

Oh, Robert, you'll always been Fr. POS in my eyes! And No, that's not intended as an insult.

PhoenixAngel said...

Thank You Robert. I have felt really uncomfortable with it but as I told you, it will just take getting used to.
Now what the hell is your name again?
I'm going to wait and see what RO or Jason calls you.
If they call you POS, then POS is what I shall call you!

About Robert said...

You'll be waiting a long time before RO calls me anything but a**hole, if even that.

About Robert said...

why does my name show up as About Robert now...

simon said...

It was better than using the english acronym for your meaning, Fr.LDS

About Robert said...

Then I'd be a Latter Day Saint. I'd really confuse folks something fierce.

Gordon said...

Hooray for real names!