Friday, July 2, 2010

Astral Planets and Frustration

Astral Planets

Apologies if this is too qabalistically obscure. Sometimes I have to write for myself. Ther frustration topic is near the bottom under the clever header of "Frustration".

Jason posted here and mentioned his view of the universe as it applies to Hermetics and the astral.

My view of the planets is a bit different.

There are qabalistic sephiroth that have planets associated with them.

Yesod     - Luna
Hod        - Mecury
Netzach  - Venus
Tipereth - Sol
Giburah  - Mars
Chesed   -Jupiter
Binah     - Saturn

However, the planetary association is part of the overall sephira just as your home is part of a city. Some folks will call these planetary spheres. This I believe is a misnomer. They are sephiroth.

There is another term called a Heaven of Assiah. This is a planetary influence in the astral at or around Yesod. If I look at the writings I have, they are equal to Malkuth. This sort of variation is too subtle for my understanding. However, there is an entire spiritual hierarchy simply within the Heaven of Assiah. You can call the sephirotic spirits as an additional layer of hierarchy if you want. Some founding GD types thought the forces of the Heavens of Assiah qlippothic (demonic). I am not sure that is true. Those boys were a tad paranoid about such things.

The Heaven of Assiah is a lower reflection of the planetary influence from the sephiroth. Just as the moral triangle is a reflection of the supernal triangle. A heaven can be worked with just like a sephira can be worked with.

In my post about my first waking astral projection experience, I hinted at my perception that I was in a Heaven of Assiah. My mentor isn't so sure but once again, I didn't follow protocol. All I had to so was issue forth a few vibratory names and I'd have known which I was in. Sound like a familiar theme? Use the names Frater Bonehead!

Edit: Just because I have had one success with astral projection does not mean I've put away Stavish. I am still doing those meditations. I've done them every day save two since restarting two weeks ago. Those two were due to buttloads of overtime combined with friends coming by. By the time I was free those two days, I was too tired to bother.


I have mentioned that I have struggled with frustration issues at work. I get aggressive and too the point and folks can tell I am really upset. I have fought and fought and fought to improve. Over the last two weeks all sorts of things have occurred that would have upset me. Half the time I didn't notice. Once someone wondered aloud why I wasn't upset. Not once did I get even mildly upset.

This is one of the great things about the Work. I love it when behavior changes to the point where you aren't resisting an impulse but the impulse is simply not there. Yes, I know I will be continually tested on this as other things until I prove to the universe I have learned. This is a big step. Huge. I am happy.


Jason Miller, said...

I also work with the Tree, but it is different than the Hermetic spheres, not exactly comparable.

In both cases I think that the things that get associated with planets actually have fuck-all to do with the actual planets.

Frater POS said...

I can't argue with you. I simply do not have the experience in those realms...YET.

Jow said...

Agreed with Jason's reply below with one addition, the planets themselves, IMO, are lower manifestations of the force/plane/whatever-it-is behind them. Saturn would be a manifestation of Saturn-y-ness, or the Sphere of Saturn, which extends well beyond the physical planet.

In the 9 Sphere Hermetic cosmology you are dividing all conceivable things into essentially seven sections, each of which can be an infinity in and of itself. The eighth and ninth are where you start to realize the inconceivable things, and there are infinities of infinities in and beyond them.

Jason Miller, said...


BAH! The planets themselves are planets unto themselves. They are for instance thought of quite differently in Chinese astrology.