Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Over the years, I've felt a sensation that I have always attributed to someone thinking about me or having window into the thoughts of others. This never happened often but when it did and I thought the person wouldn't freak out,  I've asked  them if they had this or that thought about me. I don't think anyone ever confirmed. I attributed this at various times to:
  • My ego, when the thoughts were something I was happy to know
  • Others not wanting to admit their thoughts could be read.
  • Feeling something from someone but getting the message or person incorrect.
  • The other person having the thought but not remembering when I asked them.
  • A time lag between my hearing the thought and them thinking it.
  • Just being wrong about the whole sensation
  • I am sure there are many others thoughts I've had over the years. 
Last night, I focused on the secret names for the world of Assiah as I drifted off to sleep. Today, I was at work being a good productive employee. No kidding really, I was working hard. Then I felt the sensation. I let my mind 'fall' into it and knew who was thinking of me. It was my HD partner. I texted her. She said said yes, she was thinking of me and her thought was well within the same category of what I thought it was. It wasn't a word for word thing at all. However, in keeping with the dead psychic joke I've made in this space in the past, I would have known if she was in danger, having a good time with friends, with her boss etc. This was very cool.

What I thought was extra cool was she didn't have the slightest freak out about it. I can see how from her end it could be a huge trust issue. No one wants their thoughts read. How much more private can  you get?

I may never do this again and I am skeptical of such things but unless she is lying to me, this one seems to be as close to provable (to myself) as I've ever experienced.

Now the question is, was that an HD thing getting us working together better or the mantra I said last night as I went to bed or both or neither?

We shall see. Regardless, it was fun.


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Mary said...

Oh I do hope you try again and post your results! I've always wanted to find someone that I could trust to experiment in the same fashion.