Saturday, July 24, 2010

Evocation of a Spirit Aligned with Geomancy

I am going to apologize in advance. I simply do not have time to do this post justice. I am going to ramble, back track, move sideways, do some loops, turn back on myself and generally write this in a confusing manner as the thoughts hit. There is too much info that I want to record right now as it occurs. Someday, I may learn to craft posts like Faust or write artistically like WitchDoctorJoe. Both of those may occur in my next lifetime. They certainly will not occur today.

I wrote that halfway through. Having cut out some historical diversions that were unnecessary to record at this time, it isn't that bad but still...

Back in May, I hit upon the idea, likely with Faust's help, to evoke spirits connected to each symbol of geomancy. I had a plan inspired by my work in the back yard with the Helpful Deity. I would simply invoke a host of hierarchical powers and then draw an analogous earth spirit up through the earth. Due to the ungodly heat of Fresno summers the back yard area I was do this in never got in enough shape. I also had two and a half weeks of severe back problems that slowed things down.

Thanks to the Druid's massage therapy and a touch of occult arts, those issues cleared up quite nicely.

So, I knew the first day of the year, July 23 in sidereal astrology was coming up. This is hard for me to miss as it is my birthday. Oddly, this is one of the reasons HD gives me for the way we communicate. "You were born closer to the beginning than you know." Referring to Leo specifically and the exact time of my birth. It implies that man's 'clock' is off. Trust me I have no idea what that means and I don't care. By extension that statement obviously means the Source and that statement could be made towards anyone incarnate with equal meaning.

With July 23 coming up, I knew I had to prepare. I just couldn't. I was lazy. Things got in the way. I was distracted by discussions of Jesus and how I was interpreting evangelism. I also know that my partner was really looking forward to it. I hate letting people down. I still did nothing until Thursday night. As I thought about what to do, a new plan emerged. Oddly, it fit into past magickal ideas and spirit prompts but I only realized that afterward. 

July 23 is the beginning of Leo. So, we called a spirit that relates to the first decanate (10 degrees) of Leo AND the geomantic symbol of Fortuna Major.

Those educated about astrology will find all sorts of problems in the above. The gods protect fools and uneducated magicians when their hearts are in the right place or they get lucky.

So, here is what we did.

I set up my Solomonic circle in the temple room. Long time readers know that my circle is surrounded by the names of the Shemhamphoresch Angels not the traditional names of God you'll find in the Lesser Key. Directly facing the present location of Sirius, the dog star, which is what I believe(d) is sidereal astrology's starting point, I placed a table with a black mirror.

I purified with water and consecrated with fire. I ran through my mantra I use for Solomonic work. Given that the angels span five degrees of each sign, I called upon two of them as we were going for a 10 degree span, Vehuiah and Yeliel. I called them in a way that directly relates to the mantra I use. In short order they appeared. I am sure they were there before I sensed them but once I felt their presence,  I asked them if they were here by their names (I'm learning to get that one right) and they said, "Yes, we are here. Oh presumptuous one." Danger Danger will Robinson! Danger? Peshaw!

I then described the nature of the spirit I wanted to come up from the earth and appear in the mirror for my seer. Oddly, at the calling of the angels, my partner/seer felt like she was weighted down with lots of sand all over her body.  The spirit I asked for had to be under the powers of Saturn in Leo (5 of Wands my birth card which I assume comes from Tropical Astrology not Sidereal); of willing disposition; of the first decanate of Leo; under the powers of Teth (Hebrew Letter associated with Leo) of the nature of the geomantic symbol Fortuna Major; and that is under the charge of the angels I called.

It appeared. [Cue dramatic music]

My seer is a visional occultist. I am auditory. The point of the rite was to get communication through her, not me. So, after my first statement of, "We wish there to be no animosity between we and thee," I asked the spirit to give us a sign for yes. The image was of a time keeping devise with time passing in one direction. I asked for an image meaning no. The result was the same device only with time passing the opposite direction. I thanked the spirit and ask it to repeat the yes answer for clarity. It did. At this time, I had no idea what images my seer was seeing only that she clearly understood the yes or no meaning of what she saw.

"Are you a spirit of the first decanate of Leo as conceived under Sidereal Astrology?" Yes.

"Are you a spirit of Fortuna Major?" Yes. This came with a rush of good feeling transmitted through my seer to me. In ritual, her emotions stimulate my heart center. Aside from that being a really cool effect, it is instant and pure communication. If she ever gets in trouble in ritual, I will know instantly and get us out of there.

The next was not a yes or no question and I wondered how it would be answered. "What is your rank in cosmology?" The number 3 appeared. What does that mean? Counting from the top down the 3rd Chthonic realm? Who knows? I knew it was too vague in the first place. 

Because this is the beginning of the year I asked a question to do with beginnings, "Can you aid me when I start my projects so that they go as I intend?" Yes.

"Can you aid me by telling me when the best time is to start my projects?" Yes.

My birth card is the five of wands, strife. You may have noticed I can walk straight into verbal conflicts and get embroiled quickly. "Can you teach me or aid me in learning the positive and negative side of conflict?" Yes.

"Can you teach or aid me in learning how to avoid conflict?" Yes.

"Can you teach me how to succeed in my endeavors?" The time in the image ran in both directions. We took that to mean maybe. So I asked an impromptu follow up question. "Does that mean you can sometimes but not always?" Yes. Makes sense that some of my endeavors would not fall within his realm.

"Can you directly help me succeed in my endeavors?" The answer was one of puzzlment, vagueness etc. So, I rephrased. "Can you use your powers to get things to happen or people to do things that will aid me in my endeavors?" Yes.

"Can you teach me the true and correct meaning of Fortuna Major in divination and all other forms of geomantic arts?" Yes and again there was strong pleasant emotion.

"What other things fall under your authority?" Time. Some follow up questions resulted in my seer perceiving that he could get things to happen at the most opportune times. He replied in the negative when asked if he could help us move back and forward into time. However, I sensed a gray area there. Some rephrasing may have yielded better results but this was not on my priority list and important things were to come.

"What offerings might you enjoy that I am able and willing to provide?" This time it was the spirit's turn to be caught off guard. It eventually gave us an answer. I asked, "Do these things relate to Cancer to you?" Yes again with strong positive emotion. "Will you teach me more about how you are related to Cancer the next time I call?" Yes.

I asked that question because I did a prior tarot reading on the success of this plan. I will not cover the entire thing but I will say the card that represents the environment was the 5 of wands. It was the PERFECT card to be there. The result card was the Chariot. The Chariot is associated with Cancer. If your thought is cancer? What the heck? That will be explained shortly.

"Will you come to my call and employ your powers to aid me?" Yes.

"What shall I call you?" Confusion, silence.
"Do you have a name?" Yes.
"Do you know our English alphabet?" No.
"Do you know the Hebrew alphabet?" Yes.
"Is the first letter of your name in the first half of the Hebrew alphabet?" No.
"Is the first letter of your name in the second half of the Hebrew alphabet?" Yes.
"Is the first letter of your name plantary?" Yes.
I asked if it was this letter or that and obtained an answer. In this manner we obtained a four-letter name. I asked if this was his name. Yes.

I asked how I should call him. Confusion [stupid human].
"Can I call you using the method we just used?" Yes.
"Can I call you just using your name?" Yes.

"Is there anything we can do that you would like?" It gave us some answers that I'd have no problem in fulfilling.

"Do you wish to depart now?" Yes.

I profusely thanked the spirit and allowed it to depart. Allowed in more of a social sense as in I'd show you to the door if you left my home. It was not in a command sense. There was no need for a dismissal.

Given the experimental nature of this rite, I was not going to exit that circle with out a good banishing. Using my sword, I did an LBRP. However, there was a difference.

In doing the Q-Cross, I uttered a statement about what the q-cross meant to me. When I called upon the archangels I spoke to each one telling them how and what I wanted them to banish. I prayed to them and asked their blessings. Gabriel responded in a way I will never forget. Michael, was next with an awesome fire blessing. Uriel towered above us. It was the only time I've called on them and seen one larger than than the rest.

This was the most peaceful, kind, warm, pleasant, loving, purifying and cleansing banishing I have ever done. A lot of prayer is entering my rites now and it is works so very well for me. My relationship with and understanding of those four angels skyrocketed last night. I was deeply moved.

Unlike working with HD, we did not sit around a stare into space in some sort of confused divine after glow. We were alert and ready to go. We wrote down the answers to the questions and talked about our perceptions.

In my case the most powerful parts of the rite had nothing to do with the spirit contact. When I consecrated with fire, the sky opened up with astral lightening. The cloudy sky had a deep red hue. This vision maintained as I walked about the circle. It was awesome. Other intense moments were as described at banishing. The rest of the time felt like normal head space.

When I did the gemantria (numerical values of letters and associated meanings) using the spirit's name. I didn't come up with much. However, the various meanings of the Hebrew letters of the name did seam appropriate. For those of you that do not know, Hebrew letters have a number, meaning, and other correspondances attached. For instance, aleph is 1, air and ox. Beth is 2, Mercury and house.

I went to bed last night and as I was fading off to sleep, it occured to me that all conflict is based on insecurity. I thought of various conflicts I have been in and found that answer correct. Then I came upon one that didn't fit. "I am not insecure about that!" "No, but she is!" This provided great insight into someone at work that that drives me and many others around the proverbial bend.

Gotcha. The first lesson from the spirit came quickly.

This morning I thought, "I have this sidereal astrology thing all wrong. If the first day of the sidereal astrology was July 23, shouldn't this be sidereal Aries?" Well the answer was no. We're in Cancer! Cancer the result of my tarot reading. Cancer which was the meaning he attributed to the offerings he asked for. I need to learn more about sidereal astrology pronto.

So my astrology was all messed up. I opened with a prayer to HD, which is not a deity I'd associated with these angels. I merged three different techniques into one rite in a way I've never done before and did a lot of last minute impromptu planning and the method of obtaining the name came out of left field. Parts of this were really f---ed up technically. My ignorance was put on display. However, there are other parts to be proud of.

Overall, given the answers and what I've learned since the calling, I am marking this as a great success as far as the opening fire consecration and the closing banishing. I am calling this a guarded success with the spirit. All the answers and knowledge I'm getting seem okay but it is like meeting anyone else for the first time. We'll see.

I did have a very pleasant dream last night. I was food and I was comfortable with that. YIKES! Having that dream after and evocation is troubling. I am not sure how or if I should respond to that. It did promise to do not harm to us, our loved ones or our property. I am very glad I got that promise.

This image shows the temple this morning.


Karmaghna said...

There is one thing I always learn from your posts - just how far I have yet to go. Thanks for the glimpse into your working.

Robert said...

I know what you mean. What I can do now is light years ahead of where I was 8 years ago. However, it is a big universe. I get around certain folks and it is very clear I am an amateur.

I love the mystery and the changes. I hope you enjoy this merry chase as much I do.

Jack Faust said...

This was a great post, dude. Don't lament it at all. I'll probably re-read it a few more times before the comments I have fully clarify themselves enough in my head and are worth sharing.

But: this was a damn good post.

Norma said...

This was fascinating. I'm glad it worked out as well as it did, when I read "Oh pretentious one" my heart kinda sank.

Norma said...

Presumptuous. Not pretentious. Argh. Time for bed. :)

Anonymous said...

An excellent and valuable post. Thank you for posting.