Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Good IDea -- Tarot/Diviniation

Gordon over at posted a brilliant idea. I am reading him more and more often of late. It is a bit harder as he doesn't appear in my blog reader, which is how I follow everyone else. So, I have to remember to go look for his stuff. I am going to have to add him to my igoogle page near the top. Gordon's posts often enlighten me about the various applications of magick or it's study that I'm not imaginative enough to come up with myself.

Unfortunately, his idea of using divination to forecast corporate activities is unnecessary. Seeing the patterns in my work place is as simple as paying attention. However, his idea is great for anyone that thinks they can divine.

Everyone is involved in some social group or other be it magickal or mundane. Do readings far enough out in advance that they should be hard to predict now. Determine the personality of a new member that will arrive. Determine the conflicts within the group as of some future date. Determine who will arrive with great personal news, unrelated to the group. Determine the positive things that will happen. People often forget to look for the positive. Write them down. Once the date arrives and  you're off but you remember a bit that you didn't write down that was correct, you're still wrong. The fact that you didn't write it down means you discarded that possibility. This will prevent selective memory. Oh yes these 10 tarot readings, rune castings, coin flips were dead on accurate! Great, how many were misses? If you write them all down, you can't forget your misses. Be honest and keep score. Imagine your disappointment when you realize you're wrong nine out of ten times. Imagine your joy when you find yourself steadily improving to seven of ten. If you get ten of ten you're either very good or lying to yourself. The future is a fickle thing.

I've been told I can flip the cards pretty well. I often know without a doubt when I am giving advice the querent needs to hear. That is different from saying the querent needs to act on  it. Sometimes, the lesson emerges from doing the wrong thing while knowing what the right thing actually is. Ignoring advice is also a good trait for a magician beginning or advanced. Make your own decisions from time to time.

Spiritual Peace

I have no idea what spiritual peace is but of late I've been feeling it. Most conflict is fading away. Most of the need to engage in it is fading away but that isn't it. It is like glowing from the inside out. It is like being in love but without a person or object being the focus of that love. Whatever it is, is pretty cool. I hope you all get to experience this in your lives, if you are not already there.


Lavanah said...

You can also subscribe to Gordons blog and have it delivered directly into your inbox. Since he doesn't show up in my reader, either, that's what I do.

Gordon said...

What reader are you using?

I use google reader and I have an RSS icon in the address bar of my browser. (Firefox.) I just hit that for whatever site I am on.

But Lavanah is right. There's always the email option.

As for the corporate thing: I work in an industry that is extremely unpredictable and relies on hits. For me, it's a necessity because he/she who gets it right... Wins big.

Of course... Being on someone's igoogle... Well, that would just be awesome. :)

Frater POS said...


I don't use a reader. I read straight out of my blogger viewer. I can scroll down and see everyone I follow.

There are a few of you that are on igoogle. You were placed on there yesterday.

My job is in government. It is amazing how often my crew and I tell folks exactly what is going to happen long before it does. If people were paying attention, they'd find it scary. Nothing occult is involved. It is just that freakin' obvious.