Wednesday, April 14, 2010

You're Not What You Think You Are

Now isn't that just preachy?

As I wrote yesterday, I have, at least temporarily, disengaged from the blog statement/counter-statement dynamic. This was not intentional. I didn't even think about. Actualizing Spirit did that for me.

I've learned something while undergoing that process.

I've always enjoyed the exchange of ideas. Heated or not, we learn by exchanging ideas. We need to critically analyze our own opinions. It keeps us honest and on track with the Great Work. It is very easy to internalize opinion as fact. This is not helpful.

I am going to stress that I am not about to advocate that the exchange of ideas should stop in any way.

However, I've noticed that defending ideas quickly becomes something else. Somehow, our Nephesch gets confused and identifies us as our ideas. We then defend those ideas with the same emotional intensity we'd use to defend our lives.

Ideas are transitory. They are meant to die.

We tend to relate our self-identity to our ideas. This is false. We are more than what we think. The thought of killing our own ideas and the self-identity that surrounds them makes us fear. We fear that we will be  some how lessened by giving them up. Yet, less is more. The less of us that there is, the more of us becomes.

So, to answer Amethyst's question on my last post. These are the things that interest me now. Being less resulting in being more. Finding ways to make folks smile. Accepting that I am still easy to frustrate in some situations while knowing that the defeat of the Big Issue means I can defeat the smaller issue. Life is good. Life is joyful.

I'd like to offer a quick thanks to those folks that send emails of encouragement and those who privately let me know they enjoy reading what I disclose here and the method I use to do that. Your words of encouragement and appreciation are heartwarming. They were heartwarming even when my heart was a very very cold place. Thank you. You know who you are.


Alkemical said...

I disagree with you at times, but only because...i do things differently.

However, when you said about focusing on other things:

I'm getting ready to transition careers. I'm 30 (going on 31) - for the last two months i've basically been working 3 jobs (training for my new job, my day job, and putting on a music/arts festival) - so for the last few months...I haven't focused on "this world".

Not that i don't meditate, or play music, etc - just i haven't had time to "play" to speak.

But what i have found is that it still works all around you. Maybe "stepping out" was what i needed to get that "solid ground".

I was given a few books: One of them was "how to win friends & influence people".

I don't use it to "manipulate" people, i use it in a very "positive" way. I am using to engage people, and become more aware of my communication skills abroad.

It's been actually, a very good book that integrates will into the "practical work".

I've been using the book with "love". I've had many positive gains out of it. Using it, i was able to reestablish some long term friendships, with new sparks. I was able to learn how to approach things from their POV a little easier. It removed some of my "self interested", but unaware qualities.

Books, like tools - can be used in a number of ways.

I appreciate what you do, even though sometimes i "blahblahblah" what you write about. (It's nothing personal.) Just at times it has no bearing on what i'm looking to expand upon.

I don't like titles or labels. So i'll never tell you what i consider myself as, or what i do. It has no bearing...on our level(s) of communication.

I can tell you that you are doing, what you are to do...I find the further i come closer to my "true self", the less i engage in philosophical discussions...Of course...maybe that's what happens when you get older. ;)

Frater POS said...

You're welcome to post disagreements here or elsewhere. ;o)