Sunday, April 25, 2010

Morality of the Gods (Part II)

Those that seek the spiritual must seek within. They may use external cues but the secret is turning inward. If someone kicks you in the balls,  saying ouchholygodthathurtslikeasonofabtich is perfectly normal. That said, sooner or later you have to wonder why you were so exposed in the first place, what you are supposed to learn from that experience and the like. So what is the trick to getting this done?

Let's look to the magick first. The Olympic Spirit Bethor (Jupiter) can bestow great treasures. The rookie magician takes that literally and goes for the cash. Good luck with that. The magician contemplates his own meaning of treasures. Another's meanings will not do. What could treasures be? Here is a brief list:

  • Being 'right' with "God"
  • A loving present family
  • Deep friendships/relationships
  • Enough spare time to contemplate the divine or take a walk in a forest
  • The compassion to help a friend or child or simply the compassion and ability to give
  • The ability to avoid the wrath of the unjust
  • The favor of influential people
  • The ability to learn
  • Self-awareness
  • solitude and/or free social interaction
  • the ability to create art
  • the ability to 'speak' with animals
  • good health
  • children or grandchildren
  • a job you love rather than one you have to do
Treasure can mean a lot of things and some of these this particular spirit is more likely to bestow than others. The trick here is to extend the metaphor as far as you can take it. The spirits can turn your metaphors into reality or help you achieve it. Though, that may involve introducing you to some other spirit or teaching you how to do it yourself as well. They can stretch metaphors too.

Moving back to the last post, let's look at the mythical rape. What else can it mean?

  • The abuse of physical or social power to extract something from someone they don't want to give
  • Sadism, sexual, emotional or otherwise
  • Taking without giving
  • Lack of compassion
  • intentional infliction of emotional distress
  • theft
  • extortion
  • cruelty
  • some forms of manipulation
  • taking so much for someone they can no longer sustain themselves at prior levels (analogous of the rape of the land)
Can you rape yourself? Extend the metaphor within and find out.

So, when it comes to the stories of ancient origin and the behavior of the gods, magicians and spiritual people can use them to pry open the doors within to see that which we hide from ourselves. Find anything negative in the myths and ask yourself if you've done that in any form and what impact did it have on your soul, not to mention your life. Everyone can do this to some level. Some can dig deep, some not as much, but everyone has something they can not see.* Jupiter can provide the compassion you will need when you can see something that someone else cannot see within themselves.

If you've been accused of a wrong that you do not feel you committed, extend the metaphor. There is a good chance there is something there. If you're accusing, extend it again and find your real internal problem, paradigm or viewpoint that caused the issue to develop or remain. This is tough work but you're the one that wanted to be a magician. Get it done. 

* If you don't think you have a blind spot, ask around. Some s.o.b. will be happy to tell you. Some friends may tell you as well but they won't like saying it.

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