Saturday, April 17, 2010

I Love it When

I love it when folks that have not discussed a spirit, deity or other non-corporal thing together but instead have experienced it, on their own, in a different time and place and yet the language matches, the ideas related are the same and the visuals connected, sometimes with very pertinent matching detail.

The first time that happened in a big way was with RO and myself with Bune. It happened again twice this week with a different non-corporal being. Better yet, it happened with TWO others, not just me and one other.

This is why the spirit model works for me. Of course, this would also verify the collective unconscious.

Theorizing aside, it is simply just a blast. I love magick. I really really do.


Jason Miller, said...

What is it with you people and models!

The whole spirit vs energy vs information modeling is possibly the silliest crap I have ever seen, yet everyone seems to latch on to one.

Its like declairing that all nutrition comes from fruit because you happen to eat a lot of it. Vegetables meat and grain either are not real food, or are really fruit that people misrakenly think of as other.


Frater POS said...

easiest language to use. You know they are all true and all wrong. Regardless, that shit is fun.

The Scribbler said...

I get the impression you've been having a really good time lately. More power (or spirits, or energy or information) to you! ;-)

Rufus Opus said...

@Jason, I'll bet a swimsuit issue you know the value of models.