Thursday, April 8, 2010

Effects of Realization

I posted last night about how a realization has changed my mindset. So far that has not degraded and I am grateful, most grateful. The last forty-eight hours have been full of internal peace and joy.

I've noticed something in that my aura seems to have expanded or maybe I am just becoming aware of it. When I look forward, I can 'see' the end of my aura as an invisible sphere. How can I see the invisible which I really do not see? No clue. It is so ephemeral that I'd but sure it isn't there but it is.

Last night, for reasons I don't understand, the idea of the city of Madera entered my head. Madera is about thirty miles north of my location. I could see the city and felt like part of my aura touched it. Again, there was no sensation of touch but I felt like I was touching it.

I feel if this was my aura or some other subtle body, I'd be able to feel it brush against walls as I walked and that sort of thing. I don't. I've never felt anything that every rational part of me says is not real but yet I know it is. I have no idea what I am observing. The only phrase that comes to mind is 'sphere of sensation' which is used in the higher reaches of the Golden Dawn. I've never understood what that phrase meant.


Grey Glamer said...

Magic for me is very much about connection. My sense of "raising power" is more like expanding my aura and thus my sphere of awareness to encompass (and identify with) my surroundings. I find that sense of connection to be deeply calming. Mayhaps you have stumbled into something of the same metaphor?

Frater POS said...

Perhaps, perhaps. I'm right with you on calming. I'm not the kind of guy that usually walks around smiling but I have been. Some folks at work have actually done a double-take.