Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Well Now Isn't This Strange

I am finding living with a non-obsessessed non-pissed off mind quite interesting. It is strange having a brain that can choose what to focus on and what not to focus on. Strange indeed.

I also find it strange reading the blogs. I recently read something RO posted on the Golden Dawn. Some things he said I agreed with others not. My main reaction was this: YAWN

Kenaz posted something that I whole heartedly agreed with. My reaction: YAWN

Jason defended the Golden Dawn (a bit) and  called RO short within his comments section. My reaction: YAWN

While I know some of these folks better than others, I respect all of them. And still: YAWN

I've really enjoyed debating and vigorous defense and advocacy of ideas.  Yet, I'm not drawn to any part of the recent discussions. Some things have happened at work over the past week that would have pissed me off big time not two weeks ago. Now my reaction is, you guessed it: YAWN

I am not an outdoors guy nor, due to my back, am I physically active. But I spent a week in the back yard working my ass off making the place prettier. My old reaction: UGH My new reaction: FUN!

Actualizing Spirit is indeed a life changing experience over the short term. I'm not sure how it will play out over the long term.

I cannot preach about it. I cannot really speak about it. I can only feel it and live it. Spirit is not such a bad place to be.


Anonymous said...

Amazing how less dramatic drama can be, isn't it?

Alkemical said...

I agree. I'm 30, going on 31. Most of my life i spent thinking, talking and traveling.

Now, i'm just focused on what i need to be focused on. I'm an outdoors guy. I love hiking and camping. At first i thought i "lost" something last year around my 30th. But it "changed".

No longer was i "in my head", but i was everywhere. It's like sobriety, or sanity...it's indescribable as well.

I'm glad a few of the others have had the same thing(s) happen in their own way.

Amethyst said...

So, other than yard work, what does hold your attention these days? I don't see you yawning nearly enough for you to be bored with everything!

Lavanah said...

I can't tell you how happy reading this makes me!

HilbertAstronaut said...

@Alkemical i'm kind of in the same situation -- it's good to hear that this transition is natural and good.