Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Symbols We Use

Jason posted an inspiring picture of his altar here.

That picture makes me want to paint the room my non-GD temple space. However, I'm not there yet. Why am I not there? Because I don't know of a symbol set to use. The symbol set I'm using is a GD color scheme. This is helpful intellectually but not really magically.

One of the things I love about GD is the symbol set. Everything is balanced to the point of beauty. Every one of the extensive symbols you are exposed to in Golden Dawn workings is exquisitely balanced even when it relates to a place that appears to be of imbalance. They reveal that everything is internally balanced even if the whole of that thing appears out of balance to the Universe. Ma'at reigns supreme.

Do not take this next paragraph to mean I that the GD symbol sets do not work. They work fine for the purposes they were designed for.

One of the things I do not like about GD is the clinical/scientific nature of the symbols. I suppose this is very much illustrated by the Rider-Waite tarot deck. To me, that deck is as dry as dust. It may convey deep meaning but all the emotion is washed away. The occult without emotion is like bread without yeast. You just can't get a rise out of it.

Take these lines from Sophia's recent post, "The overall feeling of the entity was non-reflective, purely motivational, focused energy toward a target. It was pure motive and direct action toward it." The communication came as a feeling or emotion or an 'energy pattern' for lack of a better word and was then translated into words that explain the emotion, not the other way around. 

Regardless of the symbol set, it takes more than someone telling you what it means. A deep deep understanding is necessary. I have that with the tarot aces and that trickled out through all the minor arcana. I can work magick with a tarot card visualization and be done with it for the most part. Well, let me say I can get really good relational changes involving human interaction. My 2 of pents work for my car didn't work out so well.
So as far as non-GD symbol sets, I've got one. One symbol that deeply resonates and here is the odd part. It isn't on my altar! I do use it as an offering though to a deity that I am quickly growing quite fond of but that is a different post all together.

However, if one looks at Jason's altar closely, one does see more images of deities than abstract symbols. Herein may lay a clue.


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