Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Blog Added Magick and Mysticism--Sophia-Dione 23

I have added a new blog to the list on the left.

She appears to be very educated and is writing about her experiences with the Olympic spirits at the moment. What she has wrote rings true to me. The blog is Magick and Mysticism--Sophia-Dione 23 and can be found here. I assume the 23 is a reference to chaos magick.

The messages from the spirits I've read on her blog are personal. Global messages usually come from the ego. They seem to be as much about saying, "Here is a great prophet," as they are about conveying real information. Personal messages that convey methods of focusing on the energy at hand are much less likely to be ego driven. 

The moment one hears messages that are global one should regard them with caution. When the messages are about other people or worse for other people, we should cautious as well. The exception may be illustrated by a message I received that appeared to be about WitchDoctorJoe. Joe had made the comment that I am very quiet socially. At the time, I considered myself quite the loud mouth and didn't understand his comment. However, the spirit in question, my HGA, explained how my behavior around Joe lead Joe to that perception. So the message wasn't really about Joe and certainly wasn't for him.

Regardless of that little diversion into pontification, thanks to the Scribbler for bring her to the attention this memberof the blogging cabal. 

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dee_rapp said...

Thank you for your interest. The Scribbler, who found me a few days ago, passed the information onto me. May these new connections with kindred occultists and seekers be radically cooperative and fruitful.23 (that is, Life and Joy: Zos-Kia) -- ZSD23