Saturday, April 10, 2010


On of the skills of a good magician is to see patterns. The practical application of this is by recognizing a pattern the magician has a chance of finding the weak point in the cycle. That weak point is vulnerable to being changed via magick. This allows the magician to break a cycle. It can also be used to reinforce a cycle.

The pattern I've noticed is something different. Any magician will tell you that sometimes the best banishing is a good temple cleansing. Vacuuming and dusting can work wonders. As you know, I have had somewhat of a break through personally. The manifestation of that has been taking my back yard from overgrown ugly to neatly trimmed. I've worked very hard on that. One may say that I have been been driven. One may find it very odd that my notorious bad back is none the worse for wear.

Sometimes cleaning something within results in cleaning something without. There is a very strong link between some magick done to aid the break through and this land clearing work. There is also a very strong link in what I've been doing in Jason Miller's course. In this case, a pattern is emerging.

I find the process fascinating.

Edit: That post was so full of typos and bad sentences I had to fix a few. I swear I was sober when I wrote it. Though, even with the fixes it is disjointed. 

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