Monday, April 26, 2010

The Services of the Vicar (A bit off-topic)

From time to time, I use this space to advertise for my friends. Basically, I have to know you in real life and feel whatever you are offering is of value.

Today, I'm posting a little something about Vicar Bert. Bert performs weddings, funerals, house blessings and partner dedications throughout the Central Valley of California. I'm sure he'd travel even further if you ask.

Bert is a very personable fellow and when I say he 'performs' these services, he does perform. Your vicar will definitely be heard by your guests. He knows how to project his voice without sounding like he is screaming. Just as importantly, he is presentable in a wide variety of company. He will not offend your guests of other religions. Don't go to the phone book, go to Vicar Bert at I do recommend his services.

He also specializes in love readings using the tarot.

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