Thursday, June 28, 2012

Self Healing, Part II

It was nice to hear from Yvonne the other day in the comments section. We haven't communicated much of late. She asked how one stops the obsessive mental spinning. A trait she and I apparently share. I would love to be able to answer that. I think part of it was being willing not to suppress the harmful thoughts. Obviously, something remained unprocessed. I feel that suppression of hurtful emotions is not helpful and it is okay to experience them from time to time. That said, I was finally able to remove the current energy of the thoughts like I do for others during my healing sessions. It just takes the thought's perpetual motion machine out of the equation. I see these things as colors around a person. They are of fixed form but more or less shapeless blobs. They look a bit like wax droppings that have cooled in unusual shapes only with more vitality to them. Once I see them, they are pretty easy to move and dispose of with just a directing thought. This was the first time time I was able to do that for myself. This was particularly helpful as I don't think of my ex on a regular basis. It was merely the shock of seeing her here on my first date since the break up that started those thoughts going. Removing their energy solved most of the problem. Had I been ultra obsessive like I was after the very bad thing, I am not sure if it would have had any long term impact. Though, it likely would have given some relief and allowed sleep.

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Mike said...

A suggestion on how to stop obsessive mental spinning (essentially an imbalance in Hod). Do artwork or something creative. I can't begin to tell you how many times I've seen this help people. And if your first response is "I'm not an artist," ignore it. Become one.