Thursday, June 21, 2012


I had to call in to work for the last two days with my back issue. This is the first time in over a 100 days when I felt the pain enough to call in sick. Though I did have one day of numbness that caused a problem. I have had no need to take pain medication above a Tylenol in that time.

I am not writing about that so much. In those two days, I have 'been there' for people that are upset, need a friend or some sort of magick. I am being deliberately vague about what I was needed for. In both these cases, I could not have helped were I at work. I have noticed in the past that time off of work resulted in increased emails and phone calls from people in need. I used to think that was because we are more stressed during work hours and we relax when we go home. That makes sense to get a call in that situation when folks know you're home. However, it is unlikely these people knew I was home this time around.

I am beginning to wonder about such synchronicities.

Regardless, it is wonderful to be of service to those in need especially when it can be so successful.

Update Healing:

I have reported working on the Clear One, aka Audra, and her food allergies and stomach issues. I found she had spent way too much time in the astral and the link between her etheric body and physical body was almost non-existent.

She is now feeling much better. She can eat a bigger variety of foods because her food allergies have diminished. She reports feeling physically healthy! I am thrilled.

Update Soul Reading

I received a nice note from the person I was reading for last night but failed. She pointed out all the things that were spot on and those that I saw but could not interpret. Several things happened last night and each partially explain the difficulty I had. I am not going to cover them here in part due to this person's privacy and in part because the other things are complex and likely should not be discussed publicly. The have little directly to do with me anyway. Sorry to be so vague. I know it drives some of you nuts but I have to on this one.

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