Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Nephesch

A little while back, Flower did a soul reading for me when I was able to reverse the process a bit. She found out household spirit standing over me.  She said it wasn't malevolent or benevolent it just was. This is the way I always saw it too.

She sees this figure as a very muscular man a bit too broad in the shoulders. I see it as a hairy thing. We have realized that it has tried to speak to the cat. It scared the cat. So, we leave it some water and it has agreed not to annoy the cat. Something Flower said about it intrigued me. She said, that he was hungry that "it was time to be fed."

Since then, my Nephesch as been very active. It has acted out in a variety of ways.  So far not in anyway that had been harmful. Though, I did piss someone off. Mostly because the other is a bit defensive but also because I could have left something alone.

I have learned a couple of things.

First of all, is about something I have already reported. Because of some emotional neglect I received as a child, I have a tendency to chase after those that reject me. I rationalize my actions and theirs. My sudden realization was that everyone does that. However, I verbally express my rationalizations and try to  explain away other people's. This is NOT HELPFUL to anyone.

Second of all, I am kicking around the idea that all levels of the soul need our active maintenance. I am not sure how to do that but I have a feeling, if I am right, I will be taught.

IF and that is a big IF, what does it mean that part of my soul has externalized so that others can see it. Many people that have visited my house has seen whatever that is.

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