Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I had a realization after a healing session last night.

I have often said that I am a human pharmacy. If you can get a cure through over the counter medication, I can help. There was an internal caveat about that. I thought that since the pain or sleeplessness came back that I didn't rate as a healer. The realization was that the medicine doctors give do the same thing. You take them, they work (more or less) and wear off. Then you take them again.

I am working with someone with severe liver issues. I can make her feel better in less than five minutes. No drugs. No drug feelings. No additional things for her liver to work on.

The difference is that when I make pain or discomfort go away I do so without poisoning the body. In some respects, this makes me a step ahead of doctors in some circumstances. Does that make any difference in my ability to heal? No. It does make a difference in self-confidence and willingness to work more in depth though.

Doctors can only cut you, burn you or poison you. I do something else.

Writing Posts

I am having a very hard time writing posts. My grammar sucks. I am using sentence fragments and not communicating well. So, I don't publish. I was getting annoyed that I was posting and not writing on the book. I'd get that urge to write, post and it would fade. No book.

So, the urge to write is coming back. I am hoping my lack of posts mean that my energy is redirecting toward the book and my book writer's block is over. We will See

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