Monday, August 9, 2010

Winner! Awesome Experimental Magick Award

I followed this link from Gordon's regular What Wizards Taught Me column.

Duncan Barford tells the story of trying to liberate a demon. I liken this to tikkun. That is the idea deeply simplified of simply making the universe a slightly better place. Those that to this extreme to do that are pretty cool in my book. Though in the story is a warning.

There have been times in my life where I thought I could 'fix' or help another fix some perceived fault. Unless directly asked for such help, this explodes nearly 100% of the time. It matters not if you do magick, use mundane means or a combination of the two. BOOM.

The Bible says something like one should remove the boulder from his own eye before removing the pebble from the eye of another. Damn good advice. Fixing someone else is arrogance.

I post this for those new to the arts that seek to aid others with magick. Doing so speaks well of you. However, the backlash will open your soul. Take care not to do so too fast. 

Opening the Aura

In this post, I mentioned I was advised to open my aura each time I spoke with someone. I have found this difficult to remember. I have consistently noticed that I forgot as soon as I was alone. As soon as I remember that I forget, I could feel the act of withdrawing the aura in the presence of another. Today, I succeeded in remembering. Nothing special happened. However, I learned much in the forgetting. The withdrawal of the aura does not feel good. I will continue to push myself to be open and see what happens.


I have been praying to the old goat-footed Hermes upon entering meetings at work. In each meeting, I communicated much better than before and was able to understand the needs of others that they were not articulating well.

Hail Hermes! I thank you.

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Norma said...

On not fixing someone unless they want to be fixed? PREACH IT BROTHER. So. True. Nobody likes to be a project, they'd rather their own misery than your fix.