Monday, August 9, 2010

What is in a Name?

Tonight, I logged on to something using my email address. That address is my first name @ my first, middle and last name. While doing so, I realized that name has no meaning. It has no substance. If I lost it, I would not die. Yet attached to that name are illusions:

I think it defines that which I am, it does not.
It is attached to my reputation, which matters not.
It is attached to my history, which is both past and independent of the name.
It gives meaning to my words, it does not.
It is good. It is not.
It is attached to embarrassing moments, it is not and they do not matter.
It holds a sets of beliefs both true and false, it does not.
It embodies a set of ideas both good and bad, it does not.
My name is no more than the random digits of my social security number.
My name is falsehood for it defines the illusion of self and other.

I am not the first to realize such a thing. I am not the last. I have no delusion that I have learned this thing by simply being aware of it. Yet, there is a great truth there.

After these thoughts, I preformed the q-cross it was with one word. No other ritual was necessary. I invoked the four angels I've worked with of late. I asked them each two questions? Is your name of substance? Each answered, "No." What is your substance? Each said, "One."

Roberts Rules of Life

There is only One Thing.
Allow to each reflection of that One what it needs
Do so with love and without judgment
Ask for only what your reflection needs
Needs are not many but few
Every interaction reveals the One
Be grateful for that revelation