Thursday, August 26, 2010

More Helpful Diety

My partner and I invoked the Helpful Diety last night. The time before, we came across a higher aspect because we called It in a different manner. This was intentional. Immediately after that, one of the few that knows for sure which deity it really is, suggested we use a different name. That name applies to Its highest aspect. We gave that a shot.

HD arrived but in a sublime state like we've never experienced. Just as importantly, It did not land in me but in my partner. This was wondrous.

It told me that I seek to understand because to understand is my destiny, I can not avoid it.  It said that humans are so afraid because we are so small and that we are always in exactly the right place. None of that sounds earth shattering in print. However, when you're that close to a deity that big who expresses such silent love everything has greater meaning. There are meanings that cannot be expressed in print. They need to be felt to be understood and to feel one must be complete present in the moment. This was truly a rock your world spiritual experience.

One of the amazing things for me was how the most sincere spiritual question sounded so unbelievably selfish, self-centered and self-absorbed.  This too was wonderful to experience.

Note on Comments

I haven't felt like blogging lately. I haven't read them. So, I didn't approve any comments. Your comments only go through when I approve them. I only do that because if I don't, I miss those who comment on long ago posts.


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