Saturday, August 28, 2010

Learning the Obvious

When we last worked with HD, It told me that I could find it in anyone I looked at. "Find me in their eyes." So, I've been looking.

I saw someone that I've known all my life and saw the teenager in her. Her face literally morphed into that young person full of life. Then morphed back into the current human that lives in a great deal of mental pain. Compassion.

I then watched a conversation between two people. They were discussing work issues. I realized the person was asking questions in order to make her way through the day but more importantly, she was seeking to understand. Then I realized that almost all (if not all) the conversations we have are an attempt to understand or be understood.

My work is to understand and learn about the ultimate divine. I have always felt alone in this. Robert doing one thing, the world doing another. Suddenly, I realized that even people not doing any work are still trying to understand the Universe. We are all just trying to understand. I then felt foolish. How could I feel alone in this? There are 140 followers of this space on blogger, 250 people subscribe to the feed and it has over a hundred fans on Facebook. Almost all of my friends are into magick, spirituality or religious in some very active form. How the hell did I feel alone in my work? Sometimes the things I am blind to truly astonish me.

The HD also told me that It is the all. Well not really, Its words were more subtle than that but what was not subtle was, "If you reject anyone, you are rejecting a part of me." Anyone really meant anything. So, here is my conundrum. What human being does not reject the child molester, rapist, holocaust engineer etc.? Yes those are extreme examples and meant to be. These are all part of the all. Given that It also told me that all human beings are in their 'right place' all the time, these actions are part of the divine, not human failings. These are things I understood when It was present in ritual that frankly I don't understand now.

Regardless of that internal conflict, being with HD is all about peace. I feel all embroiled in a work situation and normal mundane life and still feel peaceful. Work frustration is handled much better both internally and socially. I feel more connected. That part of me that builds walls and separates from others is crumbling, SLOWLY but it is.

It is 2:30 AM. I'm hitting the post button and going to bed. I am not doing the slightest of proof reading. SO, if this doesn't make sense, please forgive me.

Peace all...


Jason Miller, said...

"So, here is my conundrum. What human being does not reject the child molester, rapist, holocaust engineer etc.?"

This is a question that all people seeking enlightenment eventually have to deal with. It is easily dealt with in the subtle mind-space of emptiness/bliss, but less so when we reach our living levels and need to justify our gnosis to our rational minds and the harsh realities of the day to day.

For me the answer lies in three things:

1.A correct understanding of Karma.
2 Understanding the difference between causation and excuse.
3. Understanding that until all sentient being are enlightened, there will remain two truths: an ultimate reality and a relative reality.

For the first, it is a matter of realizing that everyone and every moment is a result of countless causes impacting the present moment and present mind, most of which you had no control over. Indeed when you see that even your generics and upbringing are things that you had no control over, but effect your view, it is easy to see how without a strong way to cut through the mechanistic responses that rule 99% of our lives - everyone is basically just running a program.

The difference between cause and excuse comes in because, even though we can look at a Child Molester and realize that: they have inherited neurological and psychological issues that predispose them to what they do - and thus make them worthy of compassion no matter how heinous the crime - they also have victims and thus need to be dealt with. Sadly we have a very revenge focused justice system, and it is hard for people to wrap their minds around the concept, but it is entirely possible to imprison and even kill someone out of compassion.

The last element comes in because when we realize that everyone has Buddha Nature or Christ Nature or Enlightened Nature within them inherently, and that everyone is in a cosmic sense where they need to be - we are making a realization based on the experience of ultimate truth. While there are many changes that can be made from this point of view - especially within the stream of self - there are many that cannot be made until all other beings have realized ultimate nature.

Its kind of like the "give peace a chance" argument. It would be great if we could all just do it, but the question is how do you get everyone in the world to wake up to that realization at the same time? It cannot be done in a moment. It takes ages and ages, which is the path that we are on not only as a species, but as all sentient beings in all the multiverses. The realization that we are on that track, but not there yet is how we know that we cannot reject anyone, yet must deal with them at the relative level all the same. Our realization behind our actions though is what makes all the difference.

simon said...

Hey Robert, its been a month since I got back to reading blogs but, omfg...It is like we talked at bobbies, the circle has some of the same experiences at the same time. I did a ritual to find lust like I had 6 years ago, after a girl in particular. After the ritual, I thought I saw her and followed her, but it didnt seem to be her. I wanted to check better and felt I might see her again the next day if it was important. Driving home from work, SHE PASSED BY. I turned around, but this time, I knew it wasnt her. I did a mars working on saturday, again for lust because a girl was coming over. During the middle of the night, her face morphed and I let myself believe it was her. I was back in the moment of 6 years past and it was amazing! I could hold the morph off and on for extended periods of time instead of the usual flicker. It reminded me of Sidhartha by Hesse because he talked about the same thing..It is incredible when it happens.