Monday, August 16, 2010

Invocation of the Helpful Deity

Tonight, we took Its advise and called upon a variety of Its aspects at once. It gave us that advice when we asked how we could work with It but not feel so out of sorts afterwords. It didn't work.

It came from all around us but it my partner had to push and prod It to get it into me. Before she succeeded, she witnessed a white sphere with wings within my chest. This brought to mind Hadit of Thelema. However, she said it didn't remind her at all over the solar disk of Egyptian art. It was too realistic. It was as if someone ripped a real bird's wings off and stuck them on a white sphere. This reminds me of Had of the Chaldean Oracles.

Eventually, the HD arrived and answered our questions. It brought great joy to my partner. It blessed the land we were on and my house and home. It said it did so through my feet. A half hour or more after the ritual, my feet feel tingly like they had fallen asleep and the blood was beginning to flow again.

I am very out of sorts physically uncomfortable. I feel as if I may have undergone some sort of initiation. Maybe not. It is hard to say. It was definitely an odd night.

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