Saturday, August 7, 2010

Idiosyncratic LIRP

Today, I awoke in the mood of deep emotive prayer. This is prayer without words. The emotion is one of love and unity with the divine that can simply be overwhelming in a positive way. It is a realization of who you are and understanding of the deep current of love. The feeling is so special because it is not directed at a lover, parent or friend. The power of peace is universal and touches all things. The energy of unity constantly flows but so quietly we miss it in our busy world. Being reminded, experiencing the movement of the divine is like coming home from a long journey abroad. Most of us live abroad our entire lives without ever experiencing the peace, serenity and beauty of being in our proper place. If I could gift something to humanity, that gift would be feeling this.

After my traditional weekend breakfast of a poppy seed bagel at Uncle Harry's, I did my idiosyncratic version of the LIRP.

I prayed to the Divine Physician in the east by asking it to heal those parts of me that prevent me from unifying with the Divine. When I was done, I gave him the sign of air. Much to my surprise, I heard him reply, "That is not the sign." He explained more about that but that story is not pertinent to the rest of what it said. It said that what prevents me is no longer at work. That part of me is healing and will continue to heal. My next hurdle is how I feel about my prior group. I need to view them with compassion and realize that they have lived their lives in pain just like I have. I need to move away from what is right and wrong and focus on compassion. There are some things even a stubborn Leo can not argue with.

In the south, I prayed to the Herald of God to reveal to me the divine in every day life and the path to unity. He told me that God was in every kind word and action. Every pleasant interaction was reflection of God. Actions that are totally self-serving are not against God but counter to unity. This will take some consideration for me. My concept of the ultimate divine is unity. I suppose even that is another form of dualism -- unified, not unified.

The Herald also told me I am in unity when I feel as I do now. He said that by cultivating this feeling unity can then be seen without. Further, he asked me to consider how I feel about certain friends and to recognize that as unity and a sense of my proper place.

In the west, I prayed to the Contemplation of God. It said that I've always been more aligned with water than I know. As all of my work has been in trying to contemplate and join with God. The water simply hasn't always flowed out my heart to other humans. This is being repaired.

In the north, I prayed to the Messiah. It told me it was a leader of a cause. It shows the way. The role of the Messiah for me is lead me in my work/manifestation. In short, It will guide me in the job I have to do. According to it, I have a dual role. One of them is the uncomfortable role I've vaguely hinted at in the past. This is primary. One of them is the root cause of a future course of action I can plainly see but dare not mention. The alchemy has not taken place that would allow such things and speaking of it prematurely would spoil the stone. It further said, that it would guide me in establishing better contact with my HGA and told me how to do my own Bornless ritual to continue that process.

I know it wasn't in the east but I am not sure of which other angel told me that I must not withdrawal and protect my aura when I encounter other humans. I must seek to expand it, join with them. My first reaction to that is that I am a distrustful Leo. I don't trust people enough to do that. Then I thought no. People are in so much pain. I do not wish to feel that pain. Funny how this circled back on itself isn't it? What better way to teach compassion than to actually feel what others feel. No one said the Great Work was easy.

Peace All.

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PhoenixAngel said...

I can feel others pain, even strangers. It can be very overwhelming at times and can be very distracting. I cut that part of myself for a long time. The result was resentment anger and no compassion.

From my own experience, it's not about feeling another person's pain, it's about being reminded about your own pain and being distrustful of that feeling.

Once I was able to let go of that pain, trust it with others and realize everyone has pain I can share with the people I love, i began to feel compassion again. I do not wish not to feel pain again because bottling it is worse.