Thursday, August 5, 2010

Clarification and Very Kind Award

In my last post, I mentioned the Helpful Deity had a troubling aspect. Due to my sloppy writing, several people assumed that this was full deity possession. In rereading my post, it is obvious why someone would reach that conclusion.

When I mentioned Hoodoo or Voodoo, it was simply a reference to what I perceive as traditions that willingly allow a much greater range of behaviors within the ritual space. However, this too is imprecise and likely incorrect. You could write many books covering everything I don't know about these paths.

What I was trying to convey is that the Helpful Deity seems to want to have greater influence in at least one of our personal lives than we really feel comfortable giving It. Now, it's a god. If it really wants either of us to do something, there isn't much hope of resisting for long. However, what it wants done, while making sense, given the make-up of the two people in the group, is further than we can go at this time. There have been no threats or anything like that just a very persistent theme.

Instead of mentioning the names of other paths, I should have said that HD is pushing us in ways that make the ceremonial magician in me nervous. Those on the more liberal paths, and perhaps paths that are more realistic about the nature of gods and their awesome power, may be just fine with or more accepting of what It is pushing.

The only thing that comes close to full spirit possession in the way I think my reader's mean is the repeated refrain that I will get deeper and deeper with each invocation. Though, I take that as closer and closer to It within the ritual space. As it is now, I have a very difficult time opening my eyes after It leaves. I think it has taken as long as ten minutes and as short as two or three. It feels like it takes half an hour but there is no way that is right. I think we'd both panic if I couldn't open my eyes for that long or at least be concerned.


Many thanks to the beautiful Serenity Athenina for giving me a Pay it Forward award on her blog. I can now say I write an award winning blog! Serenity writes a blog, The Domestic Witch, that has about 2,000 followers if you combine her blogger followers with those that follow on Facebook.

Psychic Stuff

The last couple of times I thought I knew the thoughts of my partner, I was WAY off. Interesting that I was very much on target until I mentioned that fact here.


One of the things about my readers that I like is that the make comments. Those comments have taught me how imprecise my words are. As a magician, precise words can be a huge benefit. So, thanks all for helping me get better at my craft.


PhoenixAngel said...

Yes, Frater POS. There are times I wonder if we are speaking the same language. Where is the sentence structure? What the hell is he talking about? Is he really writing this for an audience, or just himself? Is he writing this while he's in pain and he's on heavy pain killer?
IDK. In any case, its good to hear another voice in a sea of silence, no matter how obscure.
Congrats on your award!

Robert said...

Yes. Very often I write for myself. I say as much on the blog. Other times, usually when I get in trouble with someone, I'm on the pain meds. However, I've haven't been on those for a couple of weeks now.

Then again, my technical writing skills leave something to be desired. Look for content and not for an English major or minor or ...