Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Dream's Impact

Last night I had a dream.

Allow me to back track a little to say that as one is going through the elemental grades in a lodge that practices in the style of the Golden Dawn one has marker dreams. I am not going to detail what those are but I will say they are elementally appropriate. I've also had the Tipereth dream. Now, I cannot tell you if it the Tipereth dream or merely an exiting Netzach dream. It seemed like Tipereth to me.

Last night's dream was vaguely reminiscent of the Tipereth dream in some ways but it didn't have that astral quality to it that marks a significant dream. In fact, the sky was a bit cloudy, not what I have perceived as a quality of Tipereth, the sphere of the sun.

I was in a stadium filled with people. I was performing some function related to the event. I picked up a wooden tray with two burning black candles on it. For whatever reason, I put the tray on my head. It was painfully heavy on my head and I had to hold it place with my hands. I remember thinking that it is a bit dangerous to carry lit candles on my head and wondered why I was doing this in such an awkward fashion. As I turned to put the tray down on a structure meant for that purpose, a very short young man came up to me and told me that he'd kick my ass. Then he began to walk away. I told myself I had decided that I wasn't going to take that sort of crap from anyone anymore and challenged him to do it right then. If you're going to threaten me, back it up right then. I pushed him into a confrontation as I knew I could win the fight.

Then someone with a microphone spoke. The whole stadium could hear him say, "I thought you came here with the expectation..." I interrupted, "I came here with no expectation at all." I said something else and then told everyone to enjoy the game.

I woke up after the dream which is likely the reason I can remember it now. However, by this morning I forgot it. Later in the day, I was carrying some boxes and I put them on my head causing me to remember the dream. I never carry things on my head.

Now, I am wondering if that dream was a teaching dream telling me that my expectations after this much alchemy were to be less aggressive. All day today, I had opportunities to get irritated with folks. Each time, I was able to make a conscious decision not to be. It was a good day.

Results of Prayer

Lately, during prayers I've noticed that my aura is spherical and a light gray/white color. The shape is very well defined by the color is sort of a blur of whitish. I don't normally see my own aura. So, I find the phenomenon interesting.

Today at lunch, I was reading some ancient Pagan philosophy. I stopped and prayed. I did not make a show of it. I did not clasp my hands before me. I sat with my hands in my lap and did my emotive prayer. My eyes focussed on a point of empty space. As I prayed, I saw in my peripheral vision two heads turn towards me. The men who were sitting together just stared at me. This continued until my mind attached to their attention and my eyes moved in their direction. They quickly turned away.

I went back into prayer and two women sitting on my opposite side did the same thing. It only stopped when my mind attached to their attention and my eyes flickered in their direction.

Apparently, people notice when one's aura changes, even when they don't know what they are noticing.

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The Scribbler said...

I have assumed for years that people subconsciously sense when someone doesn't "vibrate" the same way most people do. Anyone who engages in serious meditation, prayer, body/mind disciplines or what-have-you just doesn't "feel" the same way other people do. And people react. Most of the time it's positive. They sense that the atmosphere around such a person is more peaceful and harmonious. But others react badly. There's the sense that they resent anyone who doesn't just go along like everyone else.

Visually, I really come across like Joe Blow in my environment. I dress average. I have short neat hair. I shave every day. I'm fairly quiet and mind my own business. I don't wear any outward signs of occult or magical leanings. And I don't burden anyone with mystical talk if I perceive they wouldn't be into it (i.e. I only talk mysticism to a handful of people I know). But I sense that occasionally some people take one sniff of me and suddenly bare their teeth like threatened dogs. It's like, "How dare you be so centered and self-assured! Who do you think you are not cowering in fear like the rest of us?"

So, yes, people sense when your "aura", your "vibrations" your "radiation" shifts. And prayer, when done right, shifts it significantly and quickly.