Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Follow Up to the Helpful Deity Post

I was very uncomfortable last night after the rite. I have also find myself reluctant to post. However, I view this as a magickal diary of sorts and try to maintain the discipline of writing things down. Lately, this has been an effort, which is why you are finding a great increase in typos and the like. Please forgive me. This does not mean that I'm not in great spirits and doing well. I'm just having a harder time posting. As far as reading blogs? I am doing so sporadically.

Last Night with the Helpful Deity

This deity has certain categories of aspects. The invocational chant was rewritten to cover each broad category. It wasn't as well researched as I wanted but I've never let that stop me with this deity. We received a very 'high' aspect. I had a very difficult time invoking It. Its was all around but not within. My partner did a good job of getting It to land in me. Her work impressed me last night.

This high aspect did not mention that item I have previously posted concern about.

When the Deity finally entered me It came showing me two of Its creatures up close and personal. Were they physical animals, I'd be dead. Gone. Buried. Well, except that they were completely docile. Both of them were so close our noses almost touched. It was impressive.

HD answered our questions and now I think it is safe to publish some of Its repeated themes culled after meeting all of Its aspects.

  • It has no interest in being worshiped. We've asked numerous times how to do so and it simply doesn't care. It usually responds by telling us not too.
  • We've asked about various techniques both GD based and traditional to Its lore for making our contact stronger. We've made offerings. We've made our own incense. I've bought bowls dedicated to It. We've left out fruit as an offering. It simply does not care. It ignores them all and tells us all the bobbles and trappings do not matter. We can make the contact stronger, simply be continuing to call It.
  • It calls me priest or wounded priest, usually the former and my partner as soon to be priestess or words to that effect.
  • It has a very harsh intimidating side that we've only seen flashes of. Ninety-nine percent of the time, It comes across as a very loving friend/parent figure. 
  • It wants to be invoked and often. 
  • It answers all of our questions in some form or fashion only rarely refusing or giving us something vague.
  • The images that I am shown are always spot on to Its lore whether I know that at the time or not.
  • Its speaks of no one but us and another member of the group that has yet to arrive. Note: this I feel is a very good sign. As soon as a spirit starts speaking of others, I think it is really my ego. That hasn't happened to me for quite some time. 
  • It consistently but not instantly tries to get me to take an action in my personal life. I have not complied. I am beginning to think this is a test.  Though, as mentioned, the topic was not mentioned last night.
  • We believe there are people out there that think they sent HD to me. HD has a different viewpoint on that. 
  • It has brought other deities into contact with us.
Last night, on direct questioning, It revealed the name of two of them. It would not tell us on Its own. We had to ask.

The first was a no brainer. I have felt this deity all over me for a while. I think it started just after the Leo spirit we invoked in late July. It may have started prior to that. I pray to it and it answers immediately with action in the mundane world. I didn't know this was happening to my partner too. Same deity. Though, with less directed prayer and therefore less help with mundane matters.

The second was only an intuitive guess on my part having read some of Its lore. I came across a name and wondered, could this be? It turned out the answer was yes but we'd only have contact with that one after "more work."

It never mentioned Hadit which was plain as day obvious to my partner. She described it as a full waking vision of a white sphere with maybe gray/silver swirls. The wings were very realistic, as if plucked straight from a living bird and attached to the sphere. My partner didn't know this imagery. I reminded her of the Egyptian winged solar disk and she said no. It wasn't Egyptian and at all. I am confident she saw some measure of the Chaldean Hadit. I think this is why I was so out of sorts after the rite. Having a god of that magnitude emerge from your chest can do that to a person.

We also asked it about a rite for Samhain. Its suggestion was appropriate, moving, inspiring and humbling.

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