Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Today, I posted about an act of magick. I said I'd post the results here. Can any determination of the effectiveness of my magick be made here? It is a good idea to determine what constitutes proof before any event occurs. Otherwise, one can be led into delusion.

The spell was for the spirit to determine if the car can be repaired with its safety features in tact, If that is possible. If so, the spirit was to make or influence the insurance company repair the car rather than declaring the vehicle totalled. How could a spirit know if the car can be repaired safely? Likely by reading the mind of the mechanic I suppose but I don't know. So, let us say the insurance company says the car must be totalled. Did the spell work or not? No real way to tell. Perhaps, the car could not be repaired safely. They determined that and totalled the car. No way to prove magickal influence there. Let us say they deterimine the car can be repaired and do so. Aside from the minor miracle of an insurance company paying a claim, this could have happened without my magick being involved. There is no real way to tell.

No matter what happens there, no valid test can be made.

Was my time wasted? No. I learned about I spirit that I know was there. I know because I saw him and he explained things in a manner that was new to me. He gave me signs to use to help the other things I asked for come to fruition. Can those magicks be proven effective? Not exactly, but they can be with a higher probability than the car.

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