Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It must be Urned!

Last night, I slept well. I dreamed that a voice said, "You must choose a spirit guide." The voice seemed to come from within my head, rather than being external. However, the voice didn't feel like it was mine. I was shown various animals as they would appear on a Grecian urn. The urn slowly turned so I could see each one. Though, I woke immediately, I could not recall any of the shapes.

In looking for a picture of an urn to go with this post, I hit the back button. It took me to a page I had not visited. The first thing I saw on the page was a name that I relate to my HGA. Is this an indication that the urn dream came from him? In asking him, he says yes. I asked him how to choose and and said to research the animals Greeks put on their vases. Wonderful.


I noticed that after my ignorance post, no less than three people ceased following my blog. Perhaps, they disagreed. Or perhaps, I ripped the cover off of their delusion of contact.
To be clear, I wasn't advocating anyone remain ignorant forever merely that it can be used as a validating technique. There are other validating techniques as well.

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Servitor Lucem said...

Well, *I* knew what you meant. Made some sense, too. No, I wouldn't recommend remaining ignorant, either, but if you find out something you didn't know, and it corroborated later on, well, you're right. You've made a valid contact. I can't figure out why anyone'd have a problem with that.