Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Enochian Work - Volunteered

My back has been giving me problems of late. Perhaps because I didn't not seal properly after helping some one. I know that drained my ability to perform magick. I sealed that leak and now I'm back in the saddle magickally. The back is still a problem but it has been SO MUCH better of late that I can not complain.

Last night, a friend called for a favor. She had been in an auto accident and she didn't want the insurance company to declare the car totalled, if it could be fixed safely. So, I did a little Enochian today. I know, some folks would say that they don't understand issues such as that. But, that is what they say. Who are they? I gave it a shot.

I didn't do this last night because I was on too many meds. Viciden does not help me with magick. However, if I take the exact right dose for the pain level, it is basically a slightly slower form of sober. I can do magick like that. That exact dosage level is rare but it happened today.

I did the LBRP astrally. It was one of the best 'visualized' LBRPs I've ever done. I'd like to make a brief comment on that. I have only rarely successfully astral projected. So, to say I did the ritual astrally is not really correct. I did it in my head but projected my thoughts away from my body. I 'saw' myself performing the right. I 'heard' my voice saying the words. I have done this before and then, unhappy with the result, got up and did it physically. This time, it felt really good.

I burned Mugwort because that is what the back of my brain screamed at me to burn. I wanted Dittany of Crete. I was overruled.

I did the normal opening but instead of just saying the words, I used the fingers of either hand as drum sticks and tapped out the beat. I have no rythym so it would have sounded odd to you but it helped me. There is a form of psychotherapy that my sister is certifed to perform that involves stimulating the patient by playing sounds, tapping shoulders etc in such a way that alternate sides of the body are stimulated. This is said to break up thought patterns. Does it? Who knows but I think it helped because the spirits landed with a whallop.

The normal opening complete, I called the Mercury senior of the earth tablet. He came, loud and grumpy. I banished him immediately because I instantly recognized what was wrong. I had failed to call the King of the tablet first. Always call the king when working with a senior of a tablet. I called Iczhhca, the merciful side of the king. He landed with a kindly thump. Then he kindly gave me permission to call Ahmlicu.

I explained what was needed. First, he needed to determine if the car would be structurally safe after the repairs. If so, the 'people that decide' aka the insurance company need to allow the car to be repaired rather than totalled. He agreed and said it could be done. He then said that the person asking needs to fulfill the reason she gave me for asking this. "She asked for it." This was not negotiable. He didn't say it either way but I knew. I agreed for her.

Nanta once told me all of my magick with the earth tablet will work. We shall see. I will report the results here.

I continued asking for two things for myself. There was no 'price'. However, I was instructed to make a particular symbol of each desire. Neither of which could be identified as even Enochian much less as the spirit in question. Does that count as a pact? Technically, I have no idea. However, it isn't a pact in my mind at all. It is simply a physical form for the magick to adhere to.

He then explained that his job is to foster interchanges and asked me if I understood how that applied to commerce, travel and communication. I certainly did. It is one thing to know these things are linked but it is quite another to feel it as the spirit explains. Have I mentioned that I LOVE ENOCHIAN? It simply kicks ass.

All in all, I am pleased.


The Fresno Pagan Pride Day coordinator has dropped the PPD label as she wants to branch out. I have volunteered to do a Greek reconstructionist ritual. Fortunately, I had just ordered a lot of books on the topic.

Art Work

I have started playing with wood burning. The picture attached is my first try. I didn't draw the figure but I did do the leaves on the staff free hand. I think it is excellent for my first try.


Frater LVF said...

That picture is amazing!

Gordon Finn said...

I presently have an injury and the doc gave me medicine that makes me nauseus and I decided to try this spirit after reading it just now and he took away the nausea almost immediately. I'm gonna try this specific spirit on the injury later after I wake up. Thanks.

Frater BH said...

Hello Gordon,

There are some healing properties to mercury, especially if you put Raphael in Hod qabalistically. I MAY (emphasis) on MAY have chosen the jupiter angel of the earth tablet for healing. It really is hard to tell as each magician is different. Let me know how your experiment works. Are you trying to fix the injury or the side effects of the meds?