Tuesday, February 10, 2009


As long time readers know, I cut off my 2.5 feet of braid in December. I have noticed how many more people smile at me in meetings, compliment my work and other such things since. These are nice things but the only difference in me is the length of my hair. If I was a jerk before, I can assure you that I am just as big of a jerk now. If I was nice before, I haven't become any nicer.

Fools they are.

Those who practice, to steal a term from Jason Miller, Strategic Sorcery, could use this type of thing as a prime example of something to use to influence things in your direction. People's prejudices are powerful.

For those that seek within, which can also include those indicated in the above paragraph, this is a prime example of how your own prejudices can fool you. Find them. Root them out. Destroy them!

Imagine yourself a busines owner that sees less talent in someone because of a manner of dress or other superficial quality. Does that prejudice make or cost you money? Get rid of it. Imagine yourself in a need of a friend, only to pass someone by that looks differently than you. We all hold this sort of silliness as a life truth but if we look closer, we will realize that we've been programmed to be superficially influenced. Rewrite the programming!


Rufus Opus said...

Prejudices!? Nonsense! It's simple. You finally got a haircut, you hippy! Long hair on guys is dirty, smelly, and girly. Ask Samson. Or any of those other Nazarites. (Not mentioning JC, not mentioning him.)

It's just the Christian thing to do, keep you hippies in your place. Conform! You'll get more money.

Rose Weaver said...

My boyfriend's hair is long, long... and I love it. Most others don't. When I get back to work, I'll have to get mine cut into a proper "business" like style to be taken seriously. I know... already been there, done that.

Prejudice is alive and well, and as you point out, not just in others, but also within ourselves. It's amazing how different we feel about ourselves when we style our hair differently, or wear different clothing, etc; male or female.

Undsalsufy said...

Real magicians have passed the rebel stage. It's not about putting up walls to hide one's self in, it is about drawing people in, giving them a chance to interact with you and especially for enjoying their energy.

Frater BH said...

Acts of antinomianism, rebellion, are necessary to the Work from time to time. Yes, they should happen less often as time goes by but they can still be necessary for the advanced student of the arts.