Tuesday, February 3, 2009

HGA Demonology

My friend Fr. RO says that those seeking their HGA are simply demonologists. He bases this on the fact that once you get your HGA you're supposed to control some demons. That is like saying that as soon as you're promoted to supervisor, you work is done as now you the power to control subordinates.

Getting your HGA does indeed give you power to have petty trifles removed from your life. Have a crazy neighbor whose rantings interrupt your meditations? Use magick and rid of him. Too impoverished to live in a safe neighborhood? Call a demon and get him to help you move out. That is not the Great Work. Those are preliminaries or necessities to the Great Work. Nothing more. Getting trapped in power is still getting trapped.

Use a demon to avoid the lessons of the path? Oh, that one will get you in trouble.

The Great Work is about making things better. You can make a lot of things better by making yourself better. Allow me to use an extreme example. Let's say you are hyper critical of your children. You do the work and calm down. Your children grow up with one less burden buried in their psyche, a burden they will not pass on to their kids. The universe has become incrementally better. That is the Great Work.

I know a man that has taken time out to teach many of us how to do this work. This has been stressful, frustrating, time consuming and, I hope, ultimately rewarding. He used his HGA to help us find ours. We in turn, may help the world to become a better place.

Doing the Work is about manifesting as much of human version of 'God' here as possible. It is about controlling your evil daimon for your own purposes and letting your 'good' daimon reign.

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Rufus Opus said...

That's not what I said. You're misrepresenting my post, jerk. ;-)

Fortunately, you've given me fodder for the next post: K&C doesn't grant reading comprehension.

I agree with you entirely about what the Great Work is about, except if you're giving your Good Daimon rein, you're abdicating. Mine doesn't want to rein anything more than he already does.

You seem to have missed that I'm focusing on the results of the Work, not the path you take. K&CHGA is not the Work, it's a part of the Work.

And those seeking their HGA are NOT demonologists. They're mostly misinformed ignorant poeple who have more hearsay than research in their motivation for attaining K&C.

Please note that I also indicated the HGA guides and guards you along your path. Never denied that. I'm just pointing out that the primary goal of the HGA, and it goes back centuries longer than some one-way spiritual ascension interpretation, is to control demons so that you can "manifest as much human version of God as possible."

And really... How many people will get K&C and will start commanding spirits who WON'T realize what the Work is all about? You can't miss it when you start doing it.