Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Successful Bit of Magick

I mentioned in this post, that I did for some things for myself. One of them, was to improve my ability to study and retain information regarding spiritual things. I read but rarely study what I read. When I do, it is forced. I simply do not like doing it. However, I want the knowledge.

The spirit gave me a sign to make and I did, though I don't like it much. I will make a better one.

Today, a book called "Greek Folk Religion" arrived in the mail. I very enthusiastically opened it, read it and have studied the pages. I have taken notes. I have saved them in a binder. I am in great physical pain. I am on pain medication is large doses and still I am studying.

I've posted recently about confirmations. This is one. This is a radical change in emotional state and behavior. Some would say it worked because I wanted it to. I could have done this without magick. Of course I wanted it to, or I would not have done it. However, without the magick, I wasn't doing this at all, I merely wanted to. This magick worked. The only question is, for how long?

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