Monday, February 23, 2009

Thank You

I find it valueable for both myself and the universe as a whole to say thank you once in a while. It is very easy to say thank you. It is a bit more difficult to say it with the depth of emotion necessary. Though, with magick, that is changing so much. For instance, I posted about getting a recommendation from a friend on where to eat in Chowchilla. She gave us that info. And then, some time later, sent me a text advising me to take a different route home as the other route can be a bit dangerous. I was so touched by that small gesture of caring that my eyes welled up with moisture. The little things matter and that mattered.

The Frater BH of two years ago would barely have noticed. Doing the Work has many benefits that can be hidden. Part of the point of this blog is exposing some of those things.

So, there have been others that have helped me on this path and I want to send them a cosmic thank you even though most of them do not read this space. I offer this as it occurs to me, not in any particular order. There are some names here that are controversial. I am sure that there is a possibility that any one of them has done some reader wrong at one time or another. People are human. I am thanking them for how they assisted me.

My Gal, for being her and for giving me someone to talk to about this stuff. And, for not laughing too hard at me when I come to understand the obvious.

My mentor, a man I owe such a debt that it can only be repaid in service to others.

The first person to introduce me to magick. I call him "Fred" because I promised many years ago never to reveal his name. He taught me nothing, expect one extrodinarily important thing. Magick works.

To every magician and want to be magician that ever tried to help. Intent matters.

To every magician that tried to get in my way, resistance builds strength.

To those that have sought to learn from me, even when I failed you, you helped me to learn.

To those that are not afraid to get out there and offer an opinion. Frater RO, Jason Miller, Jason Mankey, Lon Milo DuQuette, John Michael Greer, Donald Michael Kraig, Mary K. Greer and a host of other authors and lecturers. Someday, I hope to return to the universe all that you brought into my life.

Special thanks to Lon Milo, whose influence has been great. I will defend him to the end. Though, I do not agree with all the says directly. I understand the hows and whys of what he says and he has my everlasing respect.

Special thanks to Sam Webster of the OSOGD for being the third thing. He came between the contempt of my prior group and the boundless compassion of my mentor to help me get some practical magickal concepts in my head. He was the first adept to see potential in me that was not required to by fraternal oath. I am grateful.

Special thanks to all those that took the time not only to stand in the initiatory hall as initiatory officers but had to the courage to stand there as candidates. Those names I can post here are: Lon Milo DuQuette, Sam Webster, John Michael Greer, Dennis (I'm not sure I can mention his last name but he knows who he is.) , JR and W of Thoth-Pheonix, and many others. Sadly, I can not remember all their names but I remember the debt I owe and will reaffirm here what I have said after all the but the first.

I can not repay you diretly but when I am ready, I will do for others what you did for me.

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