Monday, February 2, 2009

I May be Done

I have always reacted to threats by doing not much of anything. I am not quick to pull magick out of my bag. I don't know if I've been afraid of it or smart enough to realize that my magick (and maybe everyone else's) creates a lot of ripples in the pond. Frankly, most people's lives are wavy enough as is and I've never been one to seek revenge.

After what may have been a vampire type person sucking a bit of energy off of me, after dealing with some jerks at work, after recalling all the magick that has been thrown around near me by acquaintances and the like; after realizing all the magick that occurs in advertising at the rest, I am about to start firing back.

I am tired of obstructionists, people that think they can avoid karma via magick, and those willfully disrespectful people trying to influence me to do this or that. Life is hard enough without allowing these people to affect me without my permission, especially when they are sneaky about it. I am an upfront sort of guy. I don't sneak. I don't hide. If you want to know how I feel, just ask me. Sneaky, I don't like.

From this point, I will quietly draw a sword. It will take some thought at planning at having some ready to fire spells. I haven't done much of this. So I will have to think about it. However, the few counter-jerk and counter-magick things I have done seemed to have worked quite well.

That being said, I will not fire indiscriminately. I do not think the world is out to get me. Most folks, even magick users, really don't give a hoot about me or what I do. Thinking anyone and everyone cares enough to fire a spell at me is a bit arrogant. Though, everyone and anyone would be willing to get into my wallet (grin).

There are a lot of us that have 'standing spells' they go off all the time. "Hide me" is fine. "Don't embarrass me by pointing out my wart" is fine. "Shove away all those who disagree" Not fine. "Buy something" in an occult store...mmmm. Not sure. Fair game but I may not have money today. If I am budget conscious, that may be go away when I enter. "I shall intimidate you." Not fine. If I am unsure, not fine. When I think about it, my lines are pretty well drawn. Speaking of which, off to the drawing board.


Rufus Opus said...


But don't call it the "Great Work;" some people will want to jump through the screen at you. =D

Welcome to the next level.

Lavanah said...

Practical, moral, and competent. That's a pretty strong combination you've got going, BH.

Undsal Sufy said...

Well said!

Jason Miller, said...

Kick ass dood.