Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Do Stuff

Do more than one thing.

Yeah, I know. Brilliant! Next I will advise putting beer in bottles and writing down phone numbers in a little black book.

One of the tenets of the Western Tradition that I have been taught is that we must be of the world. There is no hermitage. We work. We have a social life. We do things (theoretically) that have nothing to do with magick. As some of you may have noticed. I am focus sort of guy. I do magick. I write about magick. I read about what other magick users are doing. It is rare that I have a social interest in anyone that isn't a magick person or at least interesting to talk to regarding personal philosophy or spirituality. I don't own a tv. Had I not looked at CNN that day, I had not known the Super Bowl was being played or who was playing.

My sister's brother lives with us now for his reasons which I will not disclose. He's been bringing me books in lieu of rent. I am reading again. I've read about 10 Terry Pratchett novels. Terry is one of us or he's researched us quite well. It didn't shock me too much to feel the subtle pull of magick when my mind was lost in his words.

Today, I picked up the Illuminati Trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson. This is not an easy read. He may have wrote it on acid. My mind though drops right back into magick mode even though my back is acting up. Why? Because I am so engrossed I am not thinking about magick. The rest of what I do has time to percolate or congeal or something. I am allowing a different part of my mind to work than I usually do. I love it.

There is a point to this rambling. If you find it, please let me know.


Rufus Opus said...

The point is that you are a squirrel.

Finish that book (the first chapter is the hardest) and you'll WIN a BRAND NEW... truth. And a little glimpse into my own soul. Sh.

brooding gecko said...

Terry Pratchett says he is completely agnostic, but I personally cant help wonder if he's serious about it. The stuff he writes about time, language or the value of stuff cant be written by a non spiritual person. I think he strips ideas of all the superfluous stuff, gets to the core and wraps it again in his discworld idiosyncratic imagery, and then uses the books, to give us a new light on those ideas. Pretty magical, imo