Monday, January 26, 2009

Various Notes

My grandmother died Sunday. She was 94. The last few years of her life could not have been pleasant, especially for a woman who felt herself so dignified. Her passing is sad. However, I think, even if there is nothing afterwards but oblivion, it is better than she was. Tomorrow on my way home form work, I will stop by a park and send two coins into the lake. Payment for the boatman to take her over. This is a little practiced tradition in my culture. However, it is the last little thing I can do for her. I can not place them on her body as she, like my grandfather, donated her body to science.

The Enochian house cleaning resulted in my finding of some articles that used to be on my altar during dual transitory period. The first end was my divorce, which lead to a coven, which lead to a divorce from that. The items are from the beginning of that period. They had a huge charge of YUCK! My hands literally hurt when I touched them. I put them back in the box, punched holes in the bottom and let the smoke of asafoetida rise through the holes. Asafoetida will strip anything of its etheric field. I was careful to stay up wind from the breeze. I cleansed the item with a prayer to let old animosities disperse without malice.

This was just a few moments ago. I feel a bit dizzy.

Last night I had a dream wherein my mentor and My Gal were in my temple room. I found it odd that everything was gray. I've never had an all gray dream before. They looked like ghosts but I could tell who they were. He was complimenting our Enochian tools and temple but being very careful not to step on the red carpet.

The asafoetida brought back a memory. About six months ago, I kept smelling shit over the course of a few days. I couldn't figure out why. I think I smelled asafoetida. Someone may have been smudging something I had been in contact with our working against me. Interesting. Do I care? Not really.

The cat has taken to breaking into the temple room and sleeping in there. She never did that before.


Rose Weaver said...

I'm sorry to hear of your grandmother's passing. My condolences.

Very interesting about your cat, though. Some years ago when my two cats were still with me and I had a separate alter room, they also preferred to spend their time in there. They're sensitive to the energies. It seems you've generated pleasing energies there.

Frater LVF said...

Hi Frater. My condolences on your loss.