Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Now that the Enochain hubbub is over, a few words.

First, one of the reasons I started this blog is for feedback. That feedback does not have to be intentional. Jason posted about problematic Enochian issues and Frater RO did the same, only more directly. As someone that has been trained to watch for external reflections of my own work, it made me ponder. The kicker was an unsolicited email from my mentor on a topic that I had not posted about regarding a message that I had not shared with him. That tied in quite nicely with everything else. So to those that issued warnings, intentional or not, they were appreciated.

Secondly, um....I will have to not type that part until I find out if it is the Enochians that don't want me to or my HGA or both and weather I should listen to their discouragement from posting. Yes yes, I know there are certain folks that hate it when I do that...

Have fun everyone.

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