Tuesday, January 13, 2009

PAAM and Bitom

PAAM is the vertical name at the far right side of the Tablet of Union. Bitom is the name on the bottom horizontal row. Both are fire.

The contact was easy. PAAM dominated the conversation and said this is how it would be if I called them both. I asked him if he knew me. He said yes. He then, in so few words, said to heed Jason's post, which I had read just before entering temple. Jason's post basically said, do magick to change the world. I am not as opposed to that as I once was. In general, I feel, that the average magick user has so ignored his or her deeper self that they practice magick on a whim. That is akin to painting with a blindfold on...in someone else's living room! However, being more balanced now then I was when I so violently defended the side of theurgic magick alone, I am more pliable.

My response was, "I am no adept." PAAM said, "If you wait until you become an expert, you will not become an expert." Um...yeah. There is a certain logic there. He then went on to explain that he is that which allows the fuel to release parts of itself so a flame can be created. Bitom seemed to interject the thought that there are different forms of fire. PAAM agreed and specifically mentioned cold fire. Cold fire is in dead things. It is that which allows the body to be broken down. I asked him how I see him in my life and he said, "I am in everything that moves and everything that bears a force." The first part was easy to see. To the second, I asked, "Are you gravity." He replied, "Gravity is fire of earth." I took that to mean, yes. He also showed me a planet spinning and then in an artistic fashion showed me how he is the force that keeps the planet rotating.

I asked him how he could help me make spells. He said to call each element on the tablet and explain what I needed to do and that a spell would form. There was a specific order that I will not reveal. Trust me, the concept and images were cool!

He told me that I must work the water tablet. When I work the water tablet my spell work and magick will improve greatly. This is interesting because My Gal was told to work the fire tablet.

There seemed to be some conflicted communications between Bitom and PAAM. It was as if they had fallen into routine communication that bordered on quarreling.

I asked him about achieving balance as I am so fiery. He said to keep working with the deities I already have. I am not to expect them to work to their full extent instantly. These things take time. As much as XCAI concerned me with his ego inflating comments, PAAM comforted me with that. He did not direct me to do something with him. He referred me to other spirits outside of his system.

Apologies if this is choppy. I am not in much of a writing mood tonight.


Jason Miller, said...

Cool! Its good to know that the angels are keeping up with my blog.

Frater BH said...

Grin, well it is well written. I am beginning to think that angels or whatever they are don't supply any new information or at least very little. They pluck things out of your brain you already know, help you make connections you otherwise wouldn't make and emphasize what they want.

Either that or it is all mental masturbation.

Jason Miller, said...

I agree with you there as far as the Enochian Angels.

I have actually gotten outside the head info from other entities.