Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Raagiol - King of the Water Tablet

Tonight, on my own, I called the King of the Water tablet. Raagiol is the severe side of the king.

The table or myself, I am not sure which, seemed to 'shift' from time to time as I chanted. The visual was out of a 70's movie where the director is trying to simulate the effect of drugs on a character from the character's point of view. The temple room superimposed itself upon itself, shifted a bit and repeated the trick.

He talked a bit fast which is a warning sign for me in dealing Enochian. He told me he cared little for scent but did like it when someone made his seal and placed it in a stream. I gave him several options and he picked a place should I care to make such an offering. He then gave me his seal. It looked very much like the seal above one of the tablets but not, to my mind, of the water tablet. Upon checking, I was wrong. It is very reminiscent of that seal.

He told me that he spoke to me because of Hcoma but then said he'd have spoken to me anyway. He told me that he is my deepest fears and wants. That he keeps away all things that interfere with Unity but the fears I have interfere with that. I see the contradiction there as I type but it made sense when he said it. He said my fear was one of low self worth that settled in me because of how I was treated by my peers at a young age. That, he said, will color this lifetime. However, I have purged much of that myself. My fears diminishing, I have made more people laugh and smile of late. This much is true. He said, that 'our' work with the water tablet will eliminate those fears.

This work was much more personal than other workings and I am not sharing all and I will not, not even with My Gal. However, I have a feeling the work with the water tablet will result in many posts that will be quite personal. Someone once said, reading my blog felt voyeuristic. If she still feels that way, it is about to get worse.

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Lavanah said...

:) I didn't say it as if it were a bad thing. And, I do keep reading, so please-keep writing. You are doing good work.