Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Response to Others

There appears to be some discussion about Enochian Magick on a few blogs this weekend. Of the one's I follow. Jason, Fr. RO, and My Gal have all commented. Having just looked Jason commented twice. I haven't read the second one yet.

Jason is concerned that Enochains are sub-lunar (i.e. demonic-like) because he got apocalyptic visions and was told to clean things around his house too. The former, would make me suspicious. However, his work was early in his career. I would bet, if viewed from a particular perspective, apocalyptic things did happen to him or were about to occur in his life. I would also bet that he receives much less of that sort of thing now. He has a richer spiritual vocabulary to draw from. It doesn't matter if that vocabulary is in words, pictures or abstract ideas. The spirits can only work through the imagery you have.

When I started, I was a literalist. I believed the concrete meaning of the words I heard. Well, not all of them. I had doubts. However, I was told that if I joined a coven, I'd get 'beaten up'. I took that to mean physically. In actuality, the beating was emotional. Apocalyptic images may only mean, "Damn, this is going to hurt, A LOT." Getting locked into one interpretation of the words received from spirit communication is a common beginner's failing.

Being concerned that house cleaning is a sign of a 'demon-like' presence, is baffling to me. I've had the same sort of thing happen when invoking Isis and Ma'at. Some forms of spirits like things less cluttered. In Book 4, Crowley points out the commonality of many practices boils down to ridding oneself of things that are not conducive to meditation. If the general disorganization of the household causes a disorganization of my mind, it is fully conducive to the Work to have a spirit encourage cleaning things up. Besides, if everything is connected, the state of my house reflects my state. Therefore, by changing one, I can change the other. Is there a better definition of magick?

RO is concerned about being used by spirits. BAH. We are all used by spirits called other humans. Had the spirit said, "You are great and I have a mission for you." I'd be highly suspicious. That is a direct appeal to the ego. Either the spirit is a bit dangerous or my ego is flaring or my tired etheric body is interfering with communications. The best approach is to wait until the long term pattern is revealed.

Being told you have a mission to do 'from god' can mean anything. It can mean that your mission is contact with your HGA, cleaning your bathroom, helping a little old lady cross the street or preparing yourself as a light snack for the demonic hordes of the netherworld. RO has no problem with pacts, yet seems to not understand the PACT known as greater service to humankind or even an act of service to a spirit. This is why I posted about being very careful before jumping at whatever the 'mission' came to be.

Speaking of which, now is the time to post new information on that.

I had an idea of what the mission was. I described this to Hcoma as "I heard". You may recall that Hcoma is not the spirit that told me of the mission. She said, "You must be more clear with yourself. Did you hear it or think it?" I said I thought it and asked if it was the mission and/or if it was a good idea. She refused to answer in much the way my mentor does. In short, she is making me think. At the moment, I don't feel used.

Apparently, that passed a test. Last night, she downloaded an interpretation of each of the water cards of the tarot, from Ace, through the court cards, to the pips. She did so in response to a particular thought about gaining an Enochian interpretation of the cards that I could use to help others. Frankly, the list was not all that different than other lists I have seen. The base concept though, was.


Rufus Opus said...

BAH! you say!?

Fie! Fie upon you.

Fo fum, too.

You're the one I'm most concerned about falling into the trap of the Enochian Spirits, in truth. If any of us get blindsided by the ego appeals, it's sure to be the Leo. Just sayin'. ;)

I tried to find evidence in your previous posts that you're already slipping into their pointy pointy clutches, but you always post your analysis after the fact, so you've always got an out.

Just beware, BEWARE!

Anonymous said...

You know, I've noticed the paranoia too, and I also think people are getting their panties in a wad over nothing. You all are doing amazing work and I don't think you have anything to worry about. "If God is for us, who can stand against us?" That's His seal right there on your table! People are just getting frustrated because preconceived notions are going down the toilet. This is exciting, cutting edge stuff! And perhaps an apocalypse of sorts might be in order...

Rose Weaver said...

I echo David's comment and must expand upon it. I've been watching all these posts and exchanges with great interest. I don't work with Enochian Spirits, but over the years I've received similar messages and visions to what you and RO have received. (And I commented to RO regarding this matter, in fact.) Your incredible work seems to validate information I've gleaned in other ways, as a simple witch working with dreams, vision quests, and my own form of free flowing magic... as well as other experiences.

I also agree with RO, however. Always keep an objective eye open to the ego appeals. Through some of my personal experiences, I've been caught in the paranoia trap and have learned to watch closely for the signs.

But you are all breaking new ground, again just my opinion. Those who do, when the work does not follow the standard conventions, are usually seen as whack jobs or going off the deep end. I know... which is why I don't often write of my own work and results until I have confidence in it... and can deal with the resulting whacko claims.

Keep it up because everything I read on all the blogs to which I subscribe on a daily basis with regards to Enochian work seems to be validating my own experiences which aren't even remotely Enochian related.

Then again, others might use this fact as fodder you are, indeed, connecting with lower spirits, but I strongly believe differently.

Rufus Opus said...

Full disclosure: I don't REALLY thin the good Frater's any more or less in danger than the rest of us who work with any spirits. I just like to poke at him. He's been known to poke back. Less effectively.

Jason Miller, said...

"Being concerned that house cleaning is a sign of a 'demon-like' presence, is baffling to me."

It was really more than just that with the cleanliness. It was clear that it wasn't for my benefit but theirs. Like the angels had obsessive compulsive disorder or something.

But my opinions are based on more than just that and the apocolypric visions. There was the ego stroking that MANY have reported from Enochian work, and the eventual requests from the spirits to work for them.

I plan to re-visit the whole system when time allows. Current information on it is just too juicy to not do it.