Thursday, January 22, 2009


Today, my 94 year old grand mother entered the hospital. I will not bore you with medical details. She is unlikely to make it through the night. The upside, is that she is completely unaware of her surroundings. At least, I hope that is the upside.

I do not find it coincidental that I dealt with Raagiol, the severe king of the water tablet, last night and this happens today. This is one of those cases were newbies perceive the temporal proximity of events and link them as cause and effect. This is not only in error but can scare the practitioner into an early retirement. This is a matter of co-occurrence. There is meaning there. There are illustrative points being made. Raagiol did not bump off my grandmother.

Speaking of Raagiol. Before going to bed last night I was called back into my temple space. He asked permission to give me a dream. I gave him that permission. I've heard that before from spirits and I've never recalled the dream given. So, I specified to him that I should remember, that I was not to be frightened and then thanked him profusely for asking first.

Last night, I dreamed a Raagiol dream.


Lavanah said...

May your Grandmother pass in peace and pain free. And, may the joy and love of having her in your life soon outweigh the pain of her leaving you.

suecae_disco said...

May God bless your grandmother and your family; whatever happens.