Friday, January 23, 2009

Some Tarot Cards

I have no intention of stealing WitchDoctorJoe's tarot card theme. If you're reading this space and not his, you're missing something. Even if you dislike tarot cards, you'll love his writing.

At any rate, the Enochian entities have downloaded some tarot card information for me. So far, they have downloaded the cups, wands and swords. A few of the cards stood out to me. I thought I'd share.

The two of wands is called Dominion. This can be seen as power -- Mars in Aries. However, this is about exercised natural power. This is the group leader booting someone or the boss firing an employee. This is the father telling his son he can not have the car keys this weekend. This can certainly be abused quite quickly and often is. The point is the person exercising this power is in a natural position of authority that is unassailable. The person of lesser power is nearly powerless. You submit or you get hammered. Right or wrong has nothing to do with it. That is all there is to the situation.

The three of wands draws its power from the two. However, here it is twice restricted. First because the threes are in Binah. This gives the proper amount of restriction or form to raw power, allowing it to be wielded wisely and for unselfish purpose. Secondly this is the sun in Aries. The sun is stable and not subject to capricious whims. Whimsical power is a recipe for disaster. Virtue, wielding power for unselfish ends. Any question why this is one of my new favorites?

The five of wands, strife, is in my birth card series. My birth cards are Strength, Prince Wands and 5 Wands. Strife figures greatly into my history. Where conflict can be found, I have found it. I've been known to have a smoldering anger just below the surface. I can be very pointed when I say things. "What do you mean you get upset when I call you a jerk? You're acting like a jerk, aren't you?" I have calmed down a bit over recent years. Since having this card and the Ace of Cups explained to me, I've calmed down a quite a lot. This card represents frustration in being thwarted trying to create my primal emotion, unity.

Knowing that, I've worked to create unity instead of 'telling the truth'. I still speak an unrelenting truth, as I see it. However, this is more subtle now and is handled by creating a form for others to follow that things become ordered and unified

There is a rare twist for me in this card I noticed long before I associated it with this card. The brutal honesty that manifests as strife for me is applied internally. It allows me to have the rare trait of being able to like someone that does not like me and respect someone I do not like.

The power of fire that is free, directed, joyful and unrestrained. This is creative fire, having left the destruction of the suit behind. Actually, this is the suit before the destructive forces manifest in the pips (see the abused two above). This is the fire card representing hope and joy. It manifest to me through my sense of humor, my passion for magick and how I feel in moments of unity.

The Queen. She is another new favorite. I plan to skry her and learn. This is fire paused in its manifestation. The queen is pre-fire. She has all the potential of fire -- raw power; raw creative power; raw destructive power; the power of spring to bring life; and the power of the desert sun to sap it away. All of this is unmanifest. All of this is potential. Great potential. Comfortable in its ability to exercise power and not having to do so.

These are some of the cards as I understand them now.


Rose Weaver said...

I enjoy your interpretation of these cards, especially the Five of Wands. I find it very insightful, as that card seems to express much the same for me as it does for you.

Leon Basin said...

This was a great post! Thank you for sharing.