Monday, September 27, 2010

Whose Eye Lead to Confidence?

This weekend I sat in my neutral space. This is basically like straddling a doorway on this is the doorway to the astral. I focused on Osiris. I saw him quite clearly. I didn't have anything to say really. I just wanted to see him and commune.

Suddenly, I found myself projecting through his eye. I traveled through a rectangular tunnel of lights. It wasn't a solid wall but more like lines of lights suggesting the tunnel. I emerged into what can only be described as a field of gods. Golden statues were everywhere, Anubis, Bast, Best, Horus. There were other shapes I recognized by could not name at the time. Nothing moved. I wasn't there long before I was drawn through another eye. This one looked more like an Illuminati all seeing eye. It was more human.

Then came more eyes. They varied in construction but eyes they were.

I came to a destination that I will not mention here, except to say that it dominated by a color and what can only be described as an accent color.

Last night, I looked up eye of Osiris. I remember something vaguely about Egyptian art and that a lone left eye was Osiris and the lone right Horus. I may have them reversed. I didn't find that reference but I will look again. What I did find that this color was clearly associated with Horus and his eye.

I have some idea of what this journey meant. However, what it means to me emotionally is more than that. No longer will I wonder if I saw something. I saw. Too many times have I believed in my experiences simply because I had another source of confirmation. I can do this.

This doesn't mean that I won't do error checking or that interpretation and thought are not needed. It merely means that when I travel or skry, I have as much confidence that I saw what I saw as when I walk down the street.


Unknown said...

I admit I'm highly jealous. I've always been, well, almost afraid of scrying, or not being in control of every detail of a visualization, because of the fear of being wrong and the related obsession to get "the right answer." Great for science, not so much for magick.

Congrats on this. Sincerely.

Robert said...

I hear you. I once mentioned to Lon DuQuette that I was very frustrated with my inability to astral project. He said, that when it happens you'll realize that you've been doing it for quite a while. I must admit he was somewhat correct.

I think there needs to be a healthy skepticism in skrying. You need to challenge yourself to make sure what you see is there and not your projection on a very fluid astral plane. Those that take everything they see as fact from the beginning get in trouble.

Continue to work at it and you'll get there. It took me a long time.