Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Header Change

I changed the header on the blog. The former implied that I was working Jason Miller's system. That became incorrect. While claiming titles and such things may be all the rage in some parts of the pagan community, it isn't me. While this wasn't like that, it was close enough.

I have nothing against Jason's system. I save all the lessons. I am hoping to get back to them. Now isn't the time for that. Other adventures are calling.


Jason Miller, said...

They will be there when you are ready. Besides, while my system can be worked as a self contained system, I doubt anyone actually is. Hell, even I don't work it that way.

Pallas Renatus said...

I'm digging the new background, too. Very industrial.

Robert said...

Thanks. It is an abstract sort of thing but with the appearance of functionality. I know this sounds odd but it sort of reminds me of places on the astral. Though, I've never seen anything like that. Functional shapes I suppose. No pretension. I am sure that sounds very odd.

Besides that, the fire thing is so OVER.